Here’s Why Morena Baccarin Should be in Deadpool 3

Here’s Why Morena Baccarin Should be in Deadpool 3

Here’s Why Morena Baccarin Should be in Deadpool 3

Morena Baccarin has been a part of Deadpool since the first movie, and while she did get killed in the second movie it was apparently decided that Deadpool would, as usual, bend the rules and go back in time to save her. There are a few arguments as to why she might not need to be in the third movie since the disruption to the timeline could have a few different ramifications, but keeping her in the movie could make things a lot more interesting. The fact that it’s a Deadpool movie makes it interesting no matter what, but keeping Baccarin for the third movie also makes sense considering that it offers up another challenge given that every character in the Marvel universe that has someone they care about has a bigger responsibility than many others since that special person in their lives is a glaring weak spot that can be targeted. Even if the special someone has their own skillset and powers, they’re still a liability depending on how easy it is to get to them. By keeping Baccarin in the movies, it leaves a pressure point that can be used against Deadpool. 

This keeps the story interesting in a way that makes Deadpool feel a lot more human and less like someone that, in the comics, can come and go without caring about much of anything unless it strikes his fancy. For a long time in the comics, it feels as though Deadpool hasn’t been a complete villain, but his status as an antihero is something that the character would actively fight against since he wasn’t about to be labeled in such a manner. Keeping Vanessa, aka Baccarin, around as a love interest and even taking things further gives Deadpool a new dimension that complicates his life a little, but is a type of complication that the character appears to welcome since Vanessa has become the one person he can’t do without. 

Leaving Baccarin out could indeed have been an easy move that would have allowed Ryan Reynolds to still be the same type of mercenary he was meant to be while remaining just as hilarious. But her inclusion into the story was something that made the story feel a little more complete since the lone gunslinger type that has been featured so many times doesn’t appear to fit Deadpool’s live-action persona. In the comics, it feels as though he can go on his way, do what he wants, and not worry about much, but in a movie that mirrors reality in at least a few ways, it does appear that giving Wade Wilson a love interest offers a better and more diverse direction than a solo story does. Plus, there’s a thought that perhaps Vanessa might be able to take on a different role in the movie, but that’s up to those in charge. If Baccarin is going to be kept in the third movie then it feels that she would need to take on a slightly different dynamic, as keeping up with Deadpool is something that only a special kind of person can manage. 

But as it’s been noted in the past two movies, Vanessa is the person that balances Wade out, and the one individual that can keep him on the level, so to speak. Keeping her around for Deadpool 3 doesn’t feel like it would be a huge hardship, especially since she’s interested in learning whether or not she’s going to be called back. To this point, it sounds as though Baccarin hasn’t been given any information on how things are going with the third Deadpool movie, which isn’t hard to believe considering that after the Fox merger, things were in an uproar, and it’s evident that a lot of details are still being ironed out when it comes to figuring how to integrate several characters into the MCU while keeping their distinctive voice and keeping them acceptable by Disney’s standards. Trying to keep things the way they are while under the Disney umbrella is kind of tough, even if there’s evidence that can be brought to mind that Disney hasn’t always been the most family-friend company. Several examples could be used to prove such a statement, apart from the shooting of Bambi’s mother. 

Keeping Morena Baccarin in the Deadpool story would be beneficial largely because it would give the story several different possibilities that might not have been possible if the titular character was forced to deal with the depression that dominated a portion of the second movie. By keeping Vanessa in there’s a chance to create a movie that’s still entirely Deadpool, meaning crazy and completely out there, it’s possible to keep the character that people have grown used to, while still pushing the story forward in ways that they don’t expect. And even better would be to develop Baccarin’s character in a way that might make sense while keeping Vanessa as grounded as she has been.


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