Five Movies You Totally Forgot Ryan Reynolds Was In

It might be kind of tough for some folks that have grown up in the 21st century thus far to remember a time when Ryan Reynolds wasn’t popular, but for those of us that have been around long enough, there are plenty of movies that stand out as being hard to recall when it comes to the fast-talking and highly-skilled actor. The strange thing is that some of those movies are actually fairly recent, but it could be that his time spent as Deadpool and his roles in other big movies might have eclipsed these other movies and made them feel irrelevant or not as popular. Seriously, it’s kind of hard to not notice Ryan Reynolds since the guy has a personality that can take over a movie rather quickly and to the enjoyment of many. But the truth is that like anyone else, Reynolds has had several movies that were either flops or were actually good but just didn’t get the kind of attention that they needed to stand out. Hey, it happens. 

Here are a few movies you might have forgotten that Ryan Reynolds was in. 

5. Dick

One reason why this movie might never be brought up that often is due to the fact that it was an abysmal failure even if some folks still think it’s humorous. Based on the Watergate scandal this movie created a fictionalized series of events that led to the downfall of former President Nixon and attributed it to two less than intelligent young women that, after being caught near the scandal, were given the position of ‘White House dog-walkers’. Their bumbling and less than intelligent hijinks were shown to bring down a president, and Reynolds was kind of just there as an extra for this movie. 

4. The Captive

As compelling as this story is there is the fact that there have been a lot of abduction movies over the past decade or two and which ones get noticed tends to vary depending on the story and the cast. It’s kind of interesting to think that Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman, was seen as a little more memorable than this movie since Reynolds and Jackman have had a hilarious feud going on between them for a while. But while this movie wasn’t really anything to write home about, especially since it didn’t get a huge release, it was enough to add to Ryan’s resume since it’s one more bit of proof that he can act in more than an action or comedy movie. 

3. Mississippi Grind

There are plenty of gambling movies out there and a lot of them are easy to use as cautionary tales since the type of luck that some players have in the movies isn’t what you would call real, or reliable. But when Gerry and Curtis gamble their way to New Orleans and finally end up with a substantial amount of money on their hands, one could assume that they finally discovered a way to make the system work for them, even if it took a while and a few beatings to cash in. Given that this movie came out in 2015 it’s tough to think that no one remembers it, but obviously, it wasn’t that remarkable. 

2. Self/less

Some can’t help but grasp for immortality, while others would actually take the time to ask what it might cost. When a rich and powerful man that’s done great things all his life feels that the end is near he’s given a chance at being young again, which he ends up taking. The unfortunate part about this is that the body he’s given to inhabit still has trace memories of the life that occupied it previously, meaning that it’s not an empty shell, but a living being that had memories of his own and a life that begins to assert itself after a while as he begins to have visions, flashbacks, and finds that two minds are about to fight for control. 

1. Chaos Theory

This movie didn’t gain a lot of traction obviously since even mentioning it to people doesn’t appear to make them remember it, but the fact is that Frank, played by Reynolds, is the type of guy that has everything ordered, neat, categorized, listed, and in control, as much as it can be. But when one thing triggers an avalanche of chaotic moments in his life things start to fall apart and before he knows it he finds out that he’s not the father of his daughter, he’s not in control, and, well, nothing is really as simple as he thought it was. In terms of being funny and on point when it comes to life this movie does make a lot of sense, but it’s easy to see how it was forgotten. 

Even the biggest stars have plenty of movies that aren’t easy to remember. 

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