How Old is Tony Danza?

How Old is Tony Danza?

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Who’s the Boss? It’s Tony Danza, of course. Though his long and illustrious career includes so many more projects than just his starring role in the hit sitcom, he will always be remembered primarily for his role in Who’s the Boss? Of course, he was famous long before he took this role. He was a star in the 70s and 80s show, Taxi, too, and he made a name for himself then. But Tony Danza has been around for so long now that we forget that he’s here. How old is Tony Danza? And what about all the other things we don’t know about him? It’s time to remind ourselves who’s the boss.

1. How Old is Tony Danza?

It’s not an uncommon question fan ask. How old is Tony Danza? He’s both older than you think and younger than you thought if that makes sense. He was born on April 21, 1951, which makes him 71. It’s impossible to imagine him being 71 because he seems so much younger than that, but he’s also been on television for so long that it’s easy to think, ‘oh, wow, he’s only 71?’ at times. Danza was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, in the 50s. He and his mother and father, and younger brother lived in various areas of New York throughout Danza’s childhood. He is a New Yorker from start to finish if you can’t tell by his accent.

During his childhood, he was unremarkable in terms of his education and behavior. He calls himself a bad student, but we aren’t sure what that means. We know that he was unremarkable in that he is clearly a very talented person, but he didn’t excel at anything in general as a child. His grades weren’t up there; his achievements weren’t up there…he was just your average, unremarkable kid. He did, however, earn a wrestling scholarship to college, so he had to be pretty good at that. Remarkable, maybe?

How Old is Tony Danza?

Credit: @tonydanza

2. How Much is Tony Danza’s Net Worth?

The man has been in the acting industry since before we were born. He began his acting career in 1978, which made him 27. That sounds a little old. He’s been in the business for over 40 years now, and he’s made some serious money. As of 2023, Tony Danza’s net worth sits at $40 million. It’s nothing to laugh about.

3. Is Tony Danza Married?

He is not married as of 2023. However, Tony Danza did attempt marriage twice. In 1970, he married a woman named Rhonda Yeoman. They were married for only four years prior to their divorce. During the course of their short marriage, they did have a son. His name is Marc, and he guest starred with his father in Taxi two times as a child. Following his 1974 divorce, Tony Danza did not remarry for a while. He chose to remain single until he married his second wife in 1986. Her name is Tracy Robinson. Their marriage lasted for 20 years before they separated in 2006. However, their divorce was not finalized until 2013. During the course of their two-decade marriage, they welcomed two little girls.

4. Tony Danza’s Life Has Not Always Been Easy

Despite his success, Tony Danza’s life has been sad. His mother died in 1993, and he was heartbroken to lose her. The actor has opened up many times about the struggle he faced after losing his mother. His life was not the same, and it had such a negative and lasting impact on him. The loss of his mother caused him to go through a very emotional and devastating time, and he was unable to clear his mind and focus on living his own life for many years.

How Old is Tony Danza?

Credit: @tonydanza

5. Tony Danza Was Horrifically Injured in an Accident

Following his mother’s death, Danza was in a terrible headspace. While skiing in Utah, he found himself unable to concentrate on what he was doing, and it caused a horrible accident. He was going too fast down one of the Deer Valley slopes and hit a rock. The impact left him out of control, which caused Danza to hit a tree at a high rate of speed. The accident left him severely injured, and it was touch-and-go for a while. In addition to a punctured lung, the actor broke two of his vertebrae and eight ribs. His recovery was slow and frustrating.

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