How Old is Jane Fonda is Not the Question You Should Ask

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How old is Jane Fonda? It’s a question the world asks regularly. She’s beautiful, talented, and in the public eye for as long as we can remember, but I don’t remember you asking a lady her age. Fortunately, for those curious, Jane Fonda isn’t hiding her age. How old is Jane Fonda is a frequently searched internet phrase, and the answer is for everyone to see. But, in our humble opinion, there is much more to ask about this insanely talented actress, and we have the most burning questions right here.

How Old is Jane Fonda?

Jane Fonda is 84. She was born on December 21, 1937, which means she turned 85 just before Christmas in 2022. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, though. She’s glorious, and she’s beautiful. She’s also got a net worth of $200 million, and she’s been married three times to some of Hollywood’s most famous men. She married Roger Vadim in 1965 and divorced him eight years later. The same year her marriage ended, she married Tom Hayden. They were married for 17 years. The couple divorced in 1990, and she married Ted Turner in 1991. They managed to make their marriage work for a decade. She’s also a mother.

Is Jane Fonda Really Celibate?

For some time, Jane Fonda was celibate. However, following the end of her third marriage, she chose to spend the next seven years focused on herself. She was 62, divorced for the third time, and she needed to get a few things right in her mind. She commented to Forbes that she wasn’t always in the right state of mind and needed time to realize things. “You can go through life – and, as I did, through many marriages – thinking if I reveal myself in my entirety, I won’t be lovable,” she said, realizing this is not true. She just needed time to find that out for herself. Regarding her celibacy, she allegedly said in 2018 that she’s 80 and has ‘closed up shop down there’ though we cannot confirm.

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Did Jane Fonda Spend Time Pretend to be in Relationships?

Here’s the thing about Hollywood relationships: Only believe about half of what you see, and then believe half of that. It turns out that much of what you see in the press is manufactured for specific reasons. For example, when Jane Fonda was at the height of her early career, she was something called a ‘beard’ for some men. What’s a beard, you ask? A beard stands in as a date, spouse, or fake relationship holder for another person with a secret to keep. In her case, she bearded for a few men who were gay, but their careers could not afford it if the world found out. So she would pretend to be their lover or girlfriend when they were really into other men. She knew, and she did it. Many do.

Did Jane Fonda Ever Confirm Her Many Rumored Relationships?

She is a woman who spent a lot of time learning about love, and she did it with pride. She dated a lot when she was a single woman, and many of the men she dated during her life were very famous. She’s had relationships with men like Warren Beatty, Donald Sutherland, Lorenzo Caccialanza, Richard Perry, and more. However, it’s the men she didn’t confirm being in a relationship with that the world is most curious about. She’s never confirmed or denied the following relationship rumors, which fascinate her fans.

She allegedly had relationships with men such as Jimmy Smits, Kris Kristofferson, Mick Jagger, Geraldo Rivera, and many more. It’s fascinating because she continuously chooses men who are good at their work. It can be argued that they are the best in their businesses, which she’s always been into. However, she’s said on more than one occasion that she is a woman who likes an alpha male, and that’s her business.

Credit: @janefonda

Why is Jane Fonda Such an Icon?

Perhaps the most important question – because while so many people care about her relationships and marriages, it’s not the fascinating thing about Jane Fonda – is why Jane Fonda is an icon. Sure, she’s drop-dead gorgeous, immensely talented, and hilariously funny. However, it’s the fact that she’s also downright likable. She says what is on her mind. She’s not afraid to speak up and always comes across as being very honest about her life, her feelings, and what she wants. Even when she didn’t know what she wanted and had to re-learn who she was, she was still strong, powerful, and fabulous. That’s why Jane Fonda is a living legend.

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