Here are a Few Predictions for Dune 2

Here are a Few Predictions for Dune 2

Here are a Few Predictions for Dune 2

Denis Villeneuve’s version of Dune has yet to hit the US since otherwise this would be a movie review instead of a prediction of the sequel, which is already being talked about. But for anyone that has read the books religiously and knows every line by heart, or close to it, there’s no doubt that talks of a sequel might go somewhere. The only downfall is that it could be a while before such a thing happens, since if it’s rushed a lot of folks already know what the damage could be and why it would continue to prove the idea that this movie simply can’t be given any accurate representation since it’s simply too big. That statement is kind of funny really since The Lord of the Rings was definitely too big given the lore that was left out, but people still happen to love the story. Something about Dune however keeps people from believing that enough is being covered that will satisfy those that want more and more each and every time they watch a movie. It might be time for those that love Dune to remember that when done right, a story can stick around for a while so that the gaps can be filled in gradually. 

Here are five predictions we’re making for the sequel to Dune. 

5. There will be a desire to keep Timothee Chalamet around.

The fans are bound to be divided on this one since it all depends on whether or not the movies will go strictly by the books or if something will happen that will facilitate a great change to the story, which would be risky since like it or not, the fans are bound to be the deciding factor as to whether this movie is successful or not. Things have been going alright so far, and it could be that by the time the sequel is out, Timothee Chalamet might look a little older and thereby easier to work with when it comes to keeping him around. 

4. There might be a story told between the first and second books that might flesh out the story a little further. 

This might not make the fans that happy, but it could possibly keep the original cast around for a while longer instead of forcing the inevitable time jump between movies that would facilitate the eventual fading of some characters and the changes that are seen in the books. This could be a very touchy portion of the sequel since it could be something that might have fans hanging on every little development in order to call out what they think is wrong and what should be done to maintain accuracy. 

3. Another actor will be taken on for the role of Paul Atreides.

Honestly, this would likely cause a lot of people to simply blow their stack depending on how they feel about Timothee staying on in the role of Paul or being replaced. There are several key elements to the story that probably shouldn’t be changed, and this feels like one of them. But depending on how far forward the sequel will be set, this could be a very real possibility in the making, and it could be something that changes the whole outlook. 

2. Fans are bound to blow up on social media the moment they find out what the sequel will be about. 

Once the details are given you can bet that fans are going to be chatting it up and analyzing whatever they can in order to start making what many will no doubt call educated guesses. The fans are usually pretty rabid when it comes to talking about their favorite movies, and Dune is one of those that has had people in a tizzy over the years. If one thing is out of place or if one bit of news meets with the fans’ disapproval it’s a sure bet that there will be several articles detailing how upset the fans are and how disappointed they’ve become in the direction of this version. 

1. It will be just as tough to film as the first movie. 

Dune has been notoriously difficult to film since it’s been given a full-length movie and a miniseries and fans have still condemned both for a variety of things that they claim weren’t filmed right or were omitted entirely. One has to remember that unless Dune were to become a limited series that there’s simply too much to the story to include everything in one go-around. This story is immense, not to mention a little complicated in some parts, and trying to get it all down within one movie was bound to be nearly impossible. But if a sequel is in the works it’s very easy to think that there could be hope.

Just wait, once there’s a bit of information to be pored over, people will go nuts. 

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