What We Learned From The First Trailer for Netflix’s “Kate”

What We Learned From The First Trailer for Netflix’s “Kate”

What We Learned From The First Trailer for Netflix’s “Kate”

So far from the trailer, this movie feels like what you might get if you crossed Crank with Atomic Blonde and lost the blonde aspect. Then of course there’s the friendship with the kid that comes into play which has been seen in a number of movies but is just unique enough in a lot of projects to be endearing in some way. Apart from that, this looks like another action flick that will gain a decent amount of attention but could swing either way when it comes to overall approval by the fans. In terms of the action, it does look pretty cool since Mary Elizabeth Winstead is definitely suited for this type of role and she comes off as the type of person that no one would want to mess around with. The whole idea of being so incredibly awesome that 20 armed killers don’t stand a chance is something that will have to be proved once the movie is released on Netflix. The whole idea of taking on so many without backup is kind of ridiculous even for an action movie, but there are definitely ways to pull it off with a few well-placed distractions, and grenades.

Seeing women in action movies has, since the 80s, been pretty cool since it means that things have changed a bit and the whole idea of the ‘damsel in distress’ is now more of a choice than a default setting in any movie. Stories such as Kate make it easier to think that women are just as capable as anyone and sometimes even deadlier if people decide to take them for granted. Plus, there is something appealing about watching a woman being just as badass as a man and in some cases even more so. Maybe it’s the way a woman’s body looks when they move in an action movie, or maybe it’s the impressive choreography that the trailer shows, but there is something that’s really appealing about women in action movies that get into the mix just as much, if not more so, than the men.

When one is poisoned and doesn’t have a lot of time though it is rather prudent to find who poisoned you and send them a hailstorm of thank-you’s so that you won’t be going alone. That feels like pretty sound action-movie logic since it’s solved a few problems in the past considering that Crank saw Chev Chelios kill just about every one of his antagonists in some way. But the curious thing is going to be who poisoned Kate in the first place since it would appear that it was her enemies that did this, but one has to wonder how they came so close to her to be able to manage such a thing. If one were to create a conspiracy flow chart it might even go back to someone that Kate trusted or that she hadn’t seen coming since as of right now there might be a completely reasonable explanation, but through the chaos of the trailer, it’s hard to find it simply because the action causes one to focus on everything else but the question that was posed. But that’s likely the goal as usual since misdirection is a great tool to use with a trailer so that no one will guess the entire thing.

So far, Kate looks like it will be an action-packed knockout since Mary Elizabeth Winstead isn’t a huge talker, at least it wouldn’t appear that way, and she’s using very simple movements that might be kind of beyond a lot of people but isn’t all going to be about wirework and CGI that will kind of take away from the movie in a big way. She’s flat-out brawling and using her environment in the best way possible when she gets close up and personal and is looking like someone that very few people would mess with on purpose. The tough look had a lot of people wondering if we were seeing another Ellen Ripley and possibly an Aliens movie in the making, but this is pretty far away from such a story, though it does sound like a good idea if anyone ever wanted to develop such a thing.

This is definitely a movie to mark on your calendar simply because it does feel like it’s worth a look since the combination of Winstead and Harrelson feels like one that needs to be experienced to really get the gist of it. The action looks like it will be one of the highlights of the movie and the whole revenge aspect will be fun to watch since it’s bound to facilitate some truly impressive fight scenes that people might find themselves commenting about in a little while. Now it’s just a question of whether Kate will face a worthy opponent or if she’ll have to carve her way through a heavy number of minions to get to the main boss.

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