Netflix Drops First Teaser For New Action Thriller Kate

Female assassins have definitely been kind of a thing in recent years and people are responding to such stories in a big way, so it’s easy to think that Kate might be another hit that Netflix will be serving up this September. The teaser below doesn’t give much in the way of information but the most that people need to know right now is that Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be playing the titular role and will be taking on the people who poisoned her before she dies. In the process, she befriends the daughter of a past target, which is always a bit odd but does happen. In a way, this almost feels like a version of Crank starring Jason Statham, since it does have a couple of the elements that the movie is known for, as in the poisoning of a top-level assassin and the manhunt that the assassin then goes on to track down the people that committed the act. The befriending of the young girl is different, as is the location since Crank takes place in Los Angeles and this movie will be taking place in Tokyo.

It’s already apparent that a lot of people are going to be watching the movie since it looks like something that could be interesting and might very well elevate Mary in the eyes of many people. There’s even been talk that she might be a good fit for an Alien reboot if anyone bothers to keep going with that franchise, and it’s not far off the mark at all. Seeing her in the picture above it is evident that she does have the right look and could star in a reboot. But as anyone should be able to guess, simply rebooting the classic movie would likely come with a lot of backlash since each character would need to be selected in a way that fits each role perfectly. But as far as Kate goes it already sounds as though it could be a lot of fun since Mary definitely looks the part of a pissed-off assassin that’s ready to do some damage.

Like many other characters in various stories, assassins are fun to work with since they come in a range of different types and while they’re typically seen as tough, hardened individuals that have either been in the military at one point or are simply highly-trained individuals that have no compunction about killing people, they’re still capable of being seen from several perspectives. There are bound to be a few differences between a female assassin and a male, but the idea of making either of them superior due to anything other than training is bound to get some folks riled up since the psychological end of this would cause a pretty serious debate on who can be more ruthless, men or women. That particular debate wouldn’t be the only one either since there are plenty of factors that go into killing people that would be used to divide men and women.

The thing about movie assassins is that they’re often flashy, or perhaps low-key and simple, but they’re almost always complicated individuals that have a past they’re not entirely proud of and are in some way ready to bow out of their profession. This movie already feels like something along those lines, but it could be that the titular character is in too deep and can’t get out without a few serious drawbacks. It’s hard to say right now without being able to see more of the synopsis, but the feel of it appears to be that Kate is an assassin that might have erred somewhere in the recent past and trusted the wrong people, or has angered those that hired her and therefore brought their wrath down on her. However it pans out, it does feel that she’s going to be getting chased quite a bit through the movie even as she’s trying to hunt down the person that poisoned her.

Revenge movies are almost always a lot of fun since they tend to get down and dirty and they give a person a sense of justification that, even if it’s not entirely pure, causes one’s adrenaline to flow as the protagonist goes on the hunt for those that wronged them. Many movies are able to give this self-righteous feeling of justice that the character either deserves or wants, and it comes through in a way that leaves a lot of people feeling vindicated at the end of the movie. Of course, there’s always the possibility that there might be a twist at the end of the movie as well, since allowing the main character to die is a big decision, and in the movies, there’s always the option of finding some way to keep people alive. So yeah, this looks worth watching.

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