Hellcats 1.17 “Don’t Make Promises” (You Can’t Keep) Review

Starting an episode of Hellcats with a squad practice is always a great way to start the show. Get the energy pumpin’, if you will. And it worked! Woke me right up.

Am I the only one who didn’t realize Travis was living with Wanda? There is definitely an age difference there, but putting Travis with Wanda might be kind of interesting and give Gail O’Grady more of a storyline. She’s a great choice for Marti’s mom, but is definitely underused in Hellcats. The song Travis was playing was a children’s song (I hope) written by Marti’s dad. I thought it was silly, but maybe there was just something about it that struck a chord with Marti’s DNA, because that’s when she found out her father was a musician. It seems so incredibly callous for Wanda not to have shared that with Marti, knowing how much music means to her, regardless of how their own relationship might have ended.

It was nice to have have Dan and Marti doing what they do best: being the best of friends. I’m glad they held the details about her dad until Dan was back, because I don’t think it would have played as well with any of her other friends. Dan knows her, and sharing her dad with him is a perfect move.

Is the timing right for Savannah’s ex to be the father of her sister’s baby? I could have sworn it was very near the events of that weekend that Charlotte admitted she was pregnant. I guess the episodes are covering a lot more time than I realized. As if things in their family weren’t messed up enough. Ouch!!

Okay, the Werewolves vs Unicorns song wasn’t good enough for two squads to want it. Are they are real band, and to whom are they related? Yes, I am too lazy to look up whether they are the next big thing. I’m a rocker chick! That said, if I were WvU, I’d choose the Hellcats just on their hotness and uniforms, and that’s just what they did. Thank God Lewis told them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. I liked the two teams standing together. LIGHTBULB! I had no idea that Kathy was played by Magda Apanowicz, from Caprica. She seems to be radiating toward spiritual roles, but holy moly, what a difference! I love when actresses can be light years apart from role to role.

They wasted no time with Red and Vanessa and their “cosmic pull.” Poor Derrick. When I said last week that the slate was clean for completely new stories to unfold, they took full advantage. The most shocking of those might be that Savannah’s mom actually supported her telling Charlotte that marrying Noah was a mistake, and called her “my strong one.” I admit I didn’t expect that, fresh slate or not. And let’s not forget (like I almost did) that Dan was conditionally accepted into Lancer. Fresh slate indeed!

All in all, it seemed an odd episode to leave us until April 19th for new episodes. I think a wiser choice would have been last week. This week felt so undone that it didn’t leave me eager for more (although I never complain about seeing a episode of Hellcats). What did you think? Too little to leave us pondering for six weeks? Fell just a little short of my expectations.

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