Harley Quinn is Being Killed Off?

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

Most folks should be able to admit that they’re surprised to hear that Harley Quinn is going to die in the comics, especially since she’s been such a mainstay for so long, and a favored one at that. But it would appear that DC is trying to shake things up, which isn’t too surprising. It needs to happen every now and then, but it does appear that Harley might be killed off in a way that might not satisfy a lot of fans initially. Imagining the effect this would have in a movie is kind of funny in a very demented way since Harley Quinn has become such a beloved character that one can help but think that a lot of fans would come close to rioting given that they would rather she lived forever than take a bullet or some other form of death that might take her out of the story. That’s how serious some fans get about their favorite characters, especially when it comes to those that are as fun as Harley has been. What’s really amusing is that she was popular in the comics, but Margot Robbie really put in the work to make her even better in the eyes of the fans. 

But when it was revealed that the Joker stated that she’d died in his arms in Zack Snyder’s nightmarish future version of the DC universe, a lot of fans might have missed it, or forgotten it, but those that take to the internet to jot down every little detail and grunt they hear from those in the know didn’t miss a thing. Those of us that are all about entertaining the masses with reviews and news of upcoming movies and TV shows were quick and on the spot to deliver the news in one way or another. Some folks might have still missed it since the emergence of the Snyder Cut was enough to short-circuit some folks and cause others to walk away satisfied to one degree or another. 

Thinking of Harley dying after all she’s been through is the type of thought that can make a lot of people take to one forum or another to sound off in a way that will reverberate to the next forum and so on since there are characters you don’t kill off that easily, and Harley is one of them. Since her appearance in the first Suicide Squad movie, it’s been obvious that she’s not someone that fans are willing to let go of that easily. It’s easy to understand why, Robbie took the character and turned her into someone gorgeous, dangerous, and absolutely insane. But on top of that, she gave Harley a human aspect that’s present in the comics but hadn’t yet been seen on the big screen. That kind of acting has gone way over the top a couple of times, but it’s also helped a lot of people to relate to the character in their own way. The downside is that she and her companions went the ‘girl power’ route in Birds of Prey, but the upside is that Harley doesn’t appear to subscribe to one line of thought or another. 

She can be a girly girl and she can be a butt-kicker, which is to say that she’s feminine without a doubt, but she’s the type of woman that can lace up her boots and plant them firmly in the face of someone she doesn’t like. And she can kill with the best of them as it’s been proven in a couple of movies now, even if it’s fair to state that in Birds of Prey she was great, but it didn’t feel as though she was put up against any truly challenging individuals. Some might say that no one can really challenge Harley outside of another metahuman, but in reality, there are plenty of characters out there in the DC universe that aren’t metahumans and could quite easily take down Harley Quinn. But trying to figure out who would do such a thing is going to be the tough part, at least for the fans, and obviously for Harley. This development is bound to be a bit of fun for the fans, but perhaps also kind of frustrating. 

Whatever happens, it feels as though taking Harley out of the picture isn’t the wisest move in the world and it could be a publicity stunt that might have a terminus that will prove to be a big ‘gotcha’ moment for the fans. If not, then it might be a big decision that could change the landscape a bit. When all is said and done, it’s tough to think that she’d be gone for good. But maybe there’s something else on the horizon that people just can’t see yet, some grand idea that would make this move make a lot more sense. 

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