Five DCEU Characters That Exist but We Haven’t Seen Yet

Five DCEU Characters That Exist but We Haven’t Seen Yet

The DC Extended Universe is a lot bigger than what has been revealed to the viewers through the movies. As a result, there are numerous DCEU characters whose existence have been either hinted at or outright confirmed but haven’t had their time in the spotlight so far. Still, so long as DCEU movies continue to be made, it seems probable that these characters will be showing up at some point, whether sooner or later.

Here are five examples of characters that are known to exist in the DCEU but have remained unseen so far:


Steppenwolf is set to be the main villain in Justice League. This has important implications because the character is supposed to be one of the chief servants of Darkseid, who rules the planet called Apokolips as well as a significant percentage of the New Gods. Combined with the fact that Darkseid’s Parademons showed up in Batman v Superman, it seems safe to say that Darkseid will be showing up at some point in the DCEU, being a natural choice for the villain behind the villain.


Batman has been operating for a long, long time in the DCEU, so it should come as no surprise to learn that he has worked with at least one Robin over the course of his career. The issue is somewhat complicated because the Joker is supposed to have killed a Robin, which was speculated to have been Jason Todd by the fans but was suggested to have been Dick Grayson in material that never managed to make it into the movies. Regardless, we know that there is a Nightwing movie on the way, meaning that Dick Grayson should be well and alive.

Black Adam

We have known that Black Adam exists in the DCEU for some time because Dwayne Johnson has been chosen to play said character. Originally, the intention was for him to appear in the Shazam movie, but that plan seems to have been nixed. As a result, it is unknown when Black Adam will be making his appearance in the DCEU, but it is interesting to note that both Johnson and Henry Cavill have hinted at a potential clash between him and Superman, which should prove exciting to say the least.


A number of Flash’s villains have been hinted to exist in the DCEU, but the most important might be the Reverse-Flash. The evidence is tenuous, but it is nonetheless convincing. This is because we know that Barry Allen’s father is in prison in the movies, which happened in the comic books because he had been framed for the murder of Allen’s mother by the Reverse-Flash. Combined with the Reverse-Flash being the natural choice for the Flash’s arch-nemesis, this is a rather strong indication of the character’s existence.

Green Lantern Corps

Steppenwolf has stated that the Earth is vulnerable in DCEU because it has neither a Kryptonian nor Lanterns to protect it. The first is a reference to Superman, while the second is a reference to the Green Lantern Corps. It is unclear which of the Green Lantern candidates such as Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart exist in the DCEU, but it is clear that the seeds have been planted for their future appearance.


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