General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Dreams of Nathan

General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Dreams of Nathan

General Hospital fans are facing some of the most emotional situations possible right now. They’ve lost Nathan, and they have no idea how to handle that. They can’t focus on what they’re feeling based on the fact they have so much grief in their hearts. They’ve been working on a way to find out what happened and why it had to happen, but he’s gone. Maxie is having more nightmares and dreams, and her reality is even worse than her dreams.

She keeps dreaming he is in bed beside her in a moment of intimacy, but then she wakes up and he is not there. She dreams that she is possibly there with him all the time now, but she’s not. She’s emotional, and her baby is going to suffer as a result. Pregnancy is the worst time to face this kind of stress, but she’s got to learn to make it work.

She’s horrified that this is all happening, and she is not the only one. Nina is also upset that her brother is gone, and she’s facing her own grief. Everyone is in nothing short of a shocked state right now, and it’s almost impossible for them to move on with their own lives after such a senseless tragedy and such a horrible situation. She’s upset, she’s not happy, and she’s taking out her own anger on the people in her life, including her husband and his little girl. It’s an ugly situation for everyone involved in it.

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