General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan Tells Sam to Back Off

General Hospital fans know that Sonny is a man is always true to his word. He does what he says, and he means what he says. He has things going on in his life that no one would ever like to see happen in their own home, but he is handling it to the best of his ability. He’s not sure how much longer he can live like this, but he is certain that he can focus on making things as well as he can for now. He’s got a lot going on in his life, but that’s how he works best. Jason, though is just on high alert. He is worried for so many things and so many reasons in his life, and he’s not sure how to focus on anything other than what is being done and what is being said in his life. He’s a man who has a lot going on, and he is a man who has to focus.

Julian is a little relieved when he realizes a few things. For one, he’s got a lot more going on for himself than he thought he did. He’s got so much happening in his life right now, and he’s got so many people upset with him because of his knowledge of so many things that he chose not to share and not to disclose. He did a lot wrong, and he knows this. He knows that he did not do what he was meant to do, and he knows that he was someone who did a horrible thing. He’s not going to find that anyone in his life is going to jump to forgive him, but we do think that we might see someone turn to him for help sooner rather than later.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

We just don’t know if she can.

What’s Next on General Hospital

Jason is a man who has spent much of the past week on high alert, and we are not sure that anything is going to change that or change him at all. He has some big issues to deal with. He has some big problems to handle on his own, and he has some even bigger situations on his mind than he can currently handle. He is not in a good place, and we get that. But, right now, he is a man who is just wary. He is wary anything will ever change, that it will get better, or that people will be able to do anything that works out. There is a lot going on, and he’s not sure how to see past what is going on right now. It’s a lot, but it’s happening in his life and in his world.

Then there is Jordan, who has to do something she’s not happy to do. She has to tell Sam to back off, which is not a thing she wants to do. For one, we know that this means she’s not going to listen. It also means she’s not going to have much to say about anything. It also means that she’s going to tell her this knowing that Sam will never do as she is being asked to do, and that is just that for now. It’s a lot, and they know this. Both of them know this. But, it is what it is.

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