General Hospital Spoilers: Anna Will Surprise Jason

General Hospital fans are going to see that Anna is going to surprise Jason. She’s been working with him for a while now to try and find out what is going on and how it will affect all of them, and it’s been interesting. There’s a lot we can’t handle right now, but it’s all coming back to see what might turn out. What we know right now is that Anna has a surprise for Jason, and it should be quite interesting. We don’t know precisely what the surprise will be or how any of it will work out for them in the near future, but we do know they have a lot to think about.

And this time they have to think clearly. They have to figure out what is going on and how it will continue to bring them answers they’re looking for. They’re both looking to figure out who is Henrik, and this means they can learn something about their pasts and their futures. But they don’t know that he’s been living among them for some time.

They just don’t know that Peter is the man they are all looking for, and that means they might just find they have more problems than not. There is always a lot we don’t know about this situation, and we aren’t sure how it will go when it does happen. But we can sit back, watch, and find out what Anna knows and how it works.

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