Game of Thrones Prequel Trailer “House of the Dragon” Looks Awesome

Game of Thrones Prequel Trailer “House of the Dragon” Looks Awesome

It’s amazing how much of this story was recounted in the actual Game of Thrones series, but as a lot of people already know, the story of the Targaryen’s and their domination was short-lived, no matter how impressive they were at one time. Their dragons were their power, and as anyone can figure out their dragons would eventually help lead to their downfall since despite being an impressive and deadly force to wield at will, the dragons still had their own failings. When pitted against one another, the dragons didn’t hold back and they would obey their riders to the end obviously. But if this is the kind of prequel we could be looking at then it might actually rival GoT in a big way since just the Targaryen’s would be an impressive series considering that GoT included so many families and noble houses that it was tough to keep up with them all, along with the histories and stories that went with the main tale. It’s very easy to give credit to George R.R. Martin for creating this world, but at the same time, it’s still frustrating that he never finished the initial tale since the show ended up taking over and finishing itself before Martin could pen the final novel. How in the world does that happen? There are likely plenty of excuses and even valid reasons behind this, but seriously, it still feels as though the author was somehow lax in his writing.

But if he has anything to do with a prequel then it’s not being revealed since it does sound as though he’s going to finish the final book of the initial series before leading into any spinoffs, or the prequel. When talking about a prequel to GoT though one has to remember that there’s a lot of material that can be covered before the events of the show come to pass since the Targaryen’s are just one house and one story out of many and don’t have much to do with the white walkers in the clip above, but they have plenty to do with the other houses, since their legend is well known among many of them, and it was a Targaryen that fell before Robert Baratheon could claim the Iron Throne. Treachery and deceit are common factors in any fantasy story though, especially those dealing with the idea of who has power over who. Obviously, there’s no ‘live and let live’ doctrine when one rests atop the throne and there’s no trust among family members since everyone covets power and seeks to outdo those of their bloodline. It’s a vicious story that Martin started without any doubt, but it’s also one that has captured many an individual when it comes to being addictive since many upon many fans have taken the GoT story to heart and were infuriated at how it ended.

Hopefully, if the prequel does go off in the direction that people want it will be given the time and the space to develop as it needs to in order to keep from making the same mistake as happened with GoT, since people are still talking about this and how highly unsatisfying it was to watch the culmination of so many seasons go racing down to such an anticlimactic moment. The reality that this show was rushed and was simply being given an ending that Weiss and Benioff were thinking would satisfy people is hard to accept, but the decision that was made when it came to various characters and their lack of proper comeuppance was even worse. People were hoping to see Cersei taken down by Arya, and possibly witness Daenerys resist the madness that took her family and house down such a disastrous road, but that wasn’t in the cards. The only battle that really felt as though it lived up to its hype was the Clegane Bowl, as it was dubbed since the Hound and the Mountain finally tussled, and eventually, the Hound took both of them out of the equation by driving his undead brother through a wall and into a fiery inferno beneath. It’s ironic really that this happened in such a way since it was by fire that the Hound was turned into the person he would one day become, and it was by fire that he finally punished the person responsible. If anyone is keeping count, it’s equally ironic that the Targaryen house was torn apart using the same creatures that they took as their symbol. That’s the thing about dragons in any fantasy tale, sometimes their destructive tendencies are too much to bottle up, or keep contained. It was seen how much loyalty some of the dragons had, and how little the others had. That’s a common theme in Martin’s story and it would be great if this prequel was able to improve upon the tale.

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