Game of Thrones Prequel “House of the Dragon” Begins Production

Game of Thrones Prequel “House of the Dragon” Begins Production

Game of Thrones Prequel “House of the Dragon” Begins Production

The fall of House Targaryen is underway as House of the Dragon has started production. The behind the scenes look that’s been given so far gave an idea of the cast that we can expect to see and while there aren’t a lot of huge names involved at the moment the group that was shown at a table read are all very solid and reliable actors that would be easily recognized by many upon many fans anywhere they go. One thing about Game of Thrones, and likely its spinoffs, is that when looking at the talent it’s easy to see that not every person of value is going to be an immediate A-lister, but the fact is that those that were selected for the main show and those that have been seen thus far are all actors that have made A-listers look a little better thanks to their solid showing. So to be certain, it’s fun to see that these individuals are going to be given their moment in the sun as they star as individuals belonging to or in league with a noble house that is going to be set to tear itself apart from the inside. The show has already been given a 10-episode order and while it’s just now started production it’s bound to be a while until we get to see a trailer, much less the show itself on-screen. But one can easily imagine just how many theories are being flung about at this point since House of the Dragon will take place 300 years before the actual GoT timeline that so many people have come to know, so one can easily think that there will be a lot of differences that will be seen when the show releases and the Targaryen’s are set loose on Westeros.

The spinoff has already been revealed in part online as a short, animated version has been created to give people a good idea of what’s going to be happening, but it’s easy to assume that many folks are eagerly awaiting the live-action version that will pit family against family and dragon against dragon in an epic saga that will spell doom for the Targaryen’s and essentially help to shape Westeros into the place that GoT fans have been obsessing over for years now. Ever since the mention of dragons was made in GoT it’s very easy to think that some fans were waiting for something to happen while others were wishing that it had never happened. One thing that can be counted on in any fantasy adventure is that some folks will want to keep things as simple as possible, perhaps refraining from too much magic, too many unnatural beasts, and definitely not relying heavily on dragons since the creatures are known to inhabit many a story that has to do with the same kind of material that GoT embraced from the start. It’s fair to say that GoT started off as kind of a horror story thanks to the white walkers and their strange and brutal ways. But as things quickly progressed we were introduced to the last of the Targaryens, or so we thought until things started moving and the story really started to pick up. Quite a few legends were told throughout the length of the show and it’s fair to state that a lot of them had to do with the Targaryens since at one time they did rule Westeros and their name was synonymous with power before it was synonymous with madness.

Seeing how the house will fall is going to be something of a treat to a lot of fans since those that have read the books and watched every episode and possibly gone online to read the many different opinions and articles that have been spawned by the idea are no doubt going to be chomping at the bit to see what House of the Dragon will have to offer and what kind of direction it will send the overall story in since one has to imagine that things aren’t quite done yet and that at some point there might be someone that’s interested in continuing the story that George R.R. Martin hasn’t even finished yet. In all honesty, it feels as though Martin took on way too much too quickly and was flooded with things to do after a while, since finishing the story should have been a priority at one point. It is easy to criticize an author when one hasn’t written a book before or been on a strict deadline, but since I’ve done both it’s easy and in some cases, very justified to wonder what in the world Martin has been up to that has made it next to impossible to finish the initial series. He’s definitely been a busy man, but sitting down to write doesn’t require much more than sitting down…to write.

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