Galavant Season 2 Episodes 9 & 10 Review: “Battle of the Three Armies”/”The One True King (To Unite Them All)”


Happy endings are underrated nowadays. Everywhere you look, dark, gritty dramas have overtaken the TV landscape. Don’t get me wrong because there’s appeal to that and a place for that, but it seems that happy endings are few and far between. Fortunately, for the likes of us, there are shows like GalavantGalavant riffs on popular culture from every direction, and is sometimes overrun with musical numbers, but the characters are beyond lovable, and the value of a happy ending is appreciated.

This week on the Galavant finale: Galavant and Richard arrive with the zombie army just as the battle between Hortencia and Valencia begins. Madalena wrestles with and eventually gives into the dark magic, so Gareth abandons her. Using the dark magic, Madalena and Wormwood turn the zombie army against the others, who join forces. Sid arrives on the scene with some of the characters they met along the way. Richard discovers his inner hero. Galavant and Isabella reunite.

I’ve been so pleased with this season of Galavant as a whole. I really appreciated that they were able to expand their world and explore all of these new characters and relationships, while still staying true to the show’s spirit and format. It’s always been kind of a televised Spamalot/Shrek mashup, with a tremendous appreciation for all of the things it riffs on. The comedy is silly (which is right up my alley), the actors handle it wonderfully, and it’s simply been a delightful way to spend the past 5 Sunday nights.

Season 2 of Galavant has reminded me of a show that I will always hold dear, Community. There are a lot of throwaway gags and “blink and you’ll miss them” meta references that really enhance a show for re-watching. Galavant has balanced all of this clever humor and writing with some outstanding musical numbers, which only add to the fun and hilarity.

In terms of these finale epsiodes, I was particularly pleased to see some of the immense character growth paid off in this episode. Richard, who spent Season 1 as a “man who cried when he got jelly on his fancy pants”, became friends with Galavant, fell in love, and became the “One True King”. What was fascinating about this transformation is that Timothy Omundson carried the same spirit of the Richard character throughout the show. He’s still a little bit silly and weird, but there was some tangible growth there.

Though none were as pronounced as Richard’s, the other transformations were equally impressive. Isabella took charge of her kingdom and became a fantastic warrior. Madalena took a nosedive into the pool of evil. (How great are Karen David and Mallory Jansen by the way?) Gareth fell in love, and valued friendship underneath his tough exterior, and expressed himself through song!! Galavant is a special kind of show because it really builds the characters and makes you care, even if the comedy and songs would get people to watch.

As always, here are some of my favorite quotes/moments from the episode:

  • “I’ll give him this, the boy can sing”- Madalena, re: The Jester (and yes, he can!)
  • “We are knee deep in poopy caca”- Izzy’s dad. (I’m a sucker for a good poop joke)
  • “You said boob”- Richard ruining a sweet moment
  • “Does this have something to do with that do do dark magic stuff?”- Gareth
  • “You had me at brown fart”- Isabella
  • “Our story lines have been far too separated”- Madalena
  • “Would you like me to write you a theme song my King?” “Shut up, Menken!”
  • “When you presume, you make a pres out of ‘u’ and ‘me'”- Richard
  •  Galavant’s first name is “Gary”. Brilliant.
  • Really good to see Weird Al again.
  • There may have been a tear in my eye when it was revealed that (SPOILER) Tad Cooper is really a dragon.
  • Favorite song: The reprise of the Galavant theme. Both the Jester’s version at the beginning and Weird Al’s version at the end. Spectacular.

This show tugged on my heartstrings, made me laugh, and happily had me tuning in each week to enjoy some “Comedy Extravaganza”. The cast is strong, the funny moments are funny, the music is excellent, and it’s a gosh darn compelling story. Hopefully, they will defeat their enemy, The “Cancellation Bear” and return to us in January 2017 for another extravaganza. I would be satisfied with the ending here, but I just really REALLY hope it’s not over.

What did you guys think? Did you enjoy the finale? Was this a fitting end to this year’s “extravaganza”? Let us know in the comments!

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