Gabriel Luna Wants to See Ghost Rider in the MCU

Gabriel Luna Wants to See Ghost Rider in the MCU
Gabriel Luna Wants to See Ghost Rider in the MCU

credit: MCU

Gabriel Luna wants to see Ghost Rider in the MCU and props to the actor for being unselfish. There’s no doubt that he’d love to take on the role of Robbie Reyes once again. The fans responded kindly to the character, after all. 

But Luna has made it clear that he simply wants the character in the MCU. He doesn’t care so long as Ghost Rider gets to make his debut. That’s the mark of someone who’s willing to see the role advance rather than their own career. In all fairness, that’s not really common. 

It’s not tough to think that a lot of fans would applaud this role if Ghost Rider did show up. The past two movies that starred Nicolas Cage weren’t the worst, but they did go off the rails a bit. The fun thing about Ghost Rider is that the spirit of vengeance has taken on more than one host throughout his history in the comics. 

Those thinking that Johnny Blaze should come back aren’t wrong for thinking so. But passing the torch to the next generation does feel like a good idea. Robbie could end up as a great addition to the MCU. 

Gabriel Luna Wants to See Ghost Rider in the MCU

credit: MCU

Luna wants the Rider to join the Avengers

This has happened in the comics at one point as the Rider has joined the Avengers. In all honesty, this character doesn’t feel like a likely member of the Avengers, but given that the Rider has had different hosts, it’s entirely possible. The inclusion of other Avenger groups could help this idea come to fruition as well. 

Whether the MCU will form other Avenger teams is uncertain at this time. Right now, it would appear that the Avengers are coming back but under different leadership. It’s also evident that the Avengers will exist in a different manner than they did at the beginning of the MCU. There are very few original members left, as fans know, since Hawkeye, Thor, and Hulk are the only ones still around. 

But with other characters coming in, trying to integrate the Rider shouldn’t take a monumental effort. It would require planning, but there’s a great deal of information there and ready for use. 

There’s a great deal of potential for the character

There are a few ways to use this character, but it stands to reason that Robbie Reyes would stand out as the number one fan favorite. Johnny Blaze is still a great character, but it feels like it’s time to move forward. Also, as a supernatural spirit, the Ghost Rider can take on a different host if such is needed. 

There’s also the possibility of keeping the character around due to this ability to last for so long. This means that once an actor is done with the role, the Ghost Rider could easily transfer to another host. Imagine a female Ghost Rider, or at least the attempt, and what that might do for the MCU. It’s true some might not think that’s a good idea, but it’s worth thinking about. 

There’s also the idea of the Cosmic Ghost Rider, which is intriguing. 

Gabriel Luna Wants to See Ghost Rider in the MCU

credit: MCU

Ghost Rider’s presence in the MCU was denied initially 

Despite his role in Agents of SHIELD, this character was not embraced by the MCU, it sounds. That feels kind of petty, but it’s likely that there is an issue with who owns the rights as well. However, it happens Ghost Rider is still a Marvel character but is not under the MCU brand at this time. 

It’s hard to understand if this transition would go simply or if there are more hurdles to cross. Gabriel Luna knows what he wants to do, but unfortunately, the process doesn’t work like that. Fans are of the same mind. Thankfully, they would like to see this character in the MCU. But it would appear that there are still matters that the MCU needs to handle before this can occur. 

In all fairness, there is a lot going on at the moment. Phase 5 is incoming, and Phase 6 is already in the planning stage, so thinking about Ghost Rider might happen soon. But it doesn’t appear as though he’s a major part of the plan yet. 

His presence opens up new possibilities for other storylines

There are already supernatural characters in the MCU and cosmic entities. But Ghost Rider does bring in a whole new list of possible villains and situations that could occur. Plus, now that Deadpool and other characters are coming to the franchise, it’s possible to follow certain storylines that are very entertaining. 

Whether it’s Robbie Reyes or Johnny Blaze, or even Dan Ketch, Ghost Rider is a fan favorite that could do well in the MCU. Hopefully, one of these days, fans will get good news on his arrival. 

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