Here’s Why Ghost Rider Should Interact with Doctor Strange

Here’s Why Ghost Rider Should Interact with Doctor Strange

Here’s Why Ghost Rider Should Interact with Doctor Strange

The idea of delving into the multiverse has brought on a slew of ideas in the MCU that revolve heavily around bringing in one character after another that will change things in a manner that will shake up the landscape moving forward. It’s even been stated that the multiverse isn’t the endgame for Phase 4 of the MCU, which is good news since it could be that there’s something even bigger coming, but as of now, dealing with the characters that are being introduced is going to be interesting. One of those that is being rumored to be shown in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel is a character that many people have been wanting to see for some time since the Ghost Rider is still a favorite character among Marvel fans. There are a lot of arguments over which version of the Rider should be presented since Johnny Blaze is the most classic version that many would like to see represented, but it’s easy to think that those in charge might want to think about another representation for the character, if only because it might be a better fit. 

Dealing with the multiverse though is a tricky situation, as it’s already been established in Spider-Man: No Way Home, that it’s unpredictable and there’s no way to tell who might be coming through from one dimension to another. It does feel as though this could make things a bit messy in terms of which characters are going to be used and how they could shake things up in the movies, but bringing in the Rider when it comes to Doctor Strange would be very interesting since as a mystical being, the Ghost Rider easily falls under the view of the Sorcerer Supreme when it comes to any dangers that might threaten the earth. Since the Spirit that takes over the Rider from time to time would count as one of these, and because the Rider is a mystical being, Doctor Strange no doubt places this character on his list of people to watch. 

It’s even happened that the Rider and Doctor Strange have interacted in the past, and Strange took the brunt of the fight as, despite his mystical power, which is considerable, the Ghost Rider is by far and large one of the more powerful characters in the Marvel universe. Even though he’s typically not seen as a villain, Strange and the Rider are likely to be wary of one another since the Rider was at one time a bounty hunter in the employ of Mephisto, a powerful devil in the Marvel universe. It would be nice to think that bringing the Rider into the MCU would also finally bring Mephisto, which is a character that a lot of people have been hoping would appear over the past couple of years. But the problem with getting one’s hopes up is that quite often, while the MCU has been impressive over the years, it’s also been seen that they’re experts when it comes to disappointing fans with various omissions and additions that, to the fans, don’t make a lot of sense. 

The general idea is that the MCU doesn’t want to follow the comics so closely that they end up telling the same stories, but the downside of this is that many fans would love to see the stories recreated faithfully and in a manner that would make the MCU just as inclusive as the comics. If that ever happens it would be a miracle, since even the moments that feel drawn from the comics have been altered in a way that was either necessary or was done to deliver a different, updated story that people have embraced all the same. Between the comics and the big and small screens, things have changed quite a bit, as every presentation has shown. But it’s fair to hope that with all the changes that plan for introducing one character or another in a manner that might make for a great story would bring these two characters together in a manner that would perhaps shock and amaze the fans. There are plenty of rumors flying around as to what’s going to be seen in the next Doctor Strange movie, but until we get to see it, people are going to have to guess at what’s real and what’s just gossip. 

But putting these two characters in the same movie would be able to create a story that could head off in many different directions since Ghost Rider and Strange are characters that have interacted with a wide number of heroes and villains that can drive a story quite easily. In doing so, the mystical aspect of the MCU could expand in a very big way, which would no doubt be supported by the fans in a very useful way. 

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