The Back To the Future Reboot DeepFake Starring Tom Holland

The Back To the Future Reboot DeepFake Starring Tom Holland

The Back To the Future Reboot DeepFake Starring Tom Holland

Do you get the feeling that Deepfake is trying to tell us something? A lot of people are willing to see Tom Holland take on the role of Marty McFly and even Robert Downey Jr. take on Doc Brown but in the long run it’s going to be up to Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis since they hold the decision on whether or not to do it. I’m kind of with Abdullah Al-Ghamdi of Screenrant, it’s hard not to say no this out of hand since it does look as though it could work and Tom Holland is that kind of guy that might be able to take on the role if he’s given a chance. But Gale and Zemeckis, who funnily enough approved of and even helped produce a play that brought back the movie on stage, haven’t given the go ahead on this idea and might never do so since it sounds as though they’re against it. That’s kind of funny really considering that Gale has likened loaning out the idea to the prostituting of a child, analogy only obviously so don’t get too riled up, but they’ll easily give permission to a stage production. If that doesn’t sound at least a little hypocritical then you might be on Gale and Zemeckis’ wavelength and think that a private showing instead of straight up giving permission to any studio walking by is better. Yes, that was a prostitution analogy if you’re having trouble keeping up.

In the end it is the decision of the producers as to who will be able to use this material but with millions of views and likely millions of people thinking that Holland and RDJ could give a faithful and impressive showing it’s hard to see how Gale and Zemeckis wouldn’t want to come back and do it again to see if they can catch lightning in a bottle one more time. Surely if they were attached to the project it wouldn’t be so bad, right? Patrick Cremona of RadioTimes has more to offer on this subject. After all, they’re attached to the stage play and they sounded kind of hopeful about it, so signing on to do a reboot, much as I’m usually against them, doesn’t sound like it would be that bad. From a personal standpoint it might be better to make Holland into Marty’s son and find a role for RDJ that is somehow related to Doc Brown but isn’t him so that they could play their own characters rather than taking over those that already exist. Surely the genius gene in Brown’s family has to run in other members, yeah?

Even a cameo of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd would work, as Fox likely wouldn’t be able to stay on set for too long due to his condition and Lloyd would be a welcome face to kick off the new movie or inject a bit of humor into it at some point. In essence this movie could be given another shot in the arm by making another movie, even though the third one actually said The End when all was said and done. But since when does ‘The End’ really mean what it says in movies? If you’re keeping track of how many movies we’ve been sure have ended and somehow come back then you might have seen a lot of them come along that should have by all means ended years ago but are still somehow rolling along (cough, cough, Fast and Furious, cough). This movie wouldn’t even need to be a reboot, it could be continuation of a great idea that came along decades ago, a tribute or an homage of some sort that could be a way to say thanks to the fans for sticking around and supporting the movies and the idea for so long. With Gale and Zemeckis aboard it wouldn’t be prostituting, it would be breathing new life into an idea that people still fully enjoy since it was such a great movie to start with. Ben Pearson of SlashFilm has his own opinion on the matter.

Of course the ideas would have to change in a big way. If you can recall the Marty’s accidental trip back to the year that his parents met and fell in love, things were a lot different in the 50s, as he could actually claim to be Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan and get away with blasting Van Halen into his future father’s ears with the threat to melt his brain. Advancing the story by several decades something new would need to be thought up thanks to the technological advancements and of course the knowledge of what modern music is. But it would be a worthy try all the same to think of a continuation, not a reboot, as this movie does deserve to be enjoyed again and Tom Holland and RDJ are about the only guys that have the needed chemistry to make it work.

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