10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tom Holland

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tom Holland

As stereotypical as it might sound and unlikely you can almost see Tom Holland being the kind of guy that was bullied as a kid for one reason or another, but upon learning that he was bullied for being a dancer it becomes a little clearer if not acceptable. Holland has kind of hit the jackpot when it comes to his current role as Spider-Man in the MCU since it’s a role that a couple of other guys have tried to fill and did for a little while, but one that has a turnover rate that’s quickly becoming well-known, but thankfully not as bad as others that could be mentioned. He’s made a great effort in masking his normal accent to act like mild-mannered Peter Parker and yet he’s been more of a meek kind of Spider-Man than the others ever were since his wit is almost apologetic. He’s not worse but in some cases he’s better.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. He’s been highly praised by many upon becoming a noted and renowned star.

Tom is someone that many people looked at as someone that was going to be big in the movie industry after his time on stage and based on the kind performance he gave. So far everyone that’s believed this has been proven right.

9. Tom enjoys the film Saving Private Ryan, in fact it’s one of his favorites.

It’s always interesting to see which films the celebrities like since a lot of them don’t ever see their own films for one reason or another. But being human they all like some form of entertainment and a lot of them will go to the movies at least a few times a year if not more.

8. He’s a very uplifting person to have on the set according to many.

A lot of those that he’s worked with have expressed that he’s a very nice young man and a joy to work with since he takes direction very well and seeks to get long and work with everyone in a very professional manner.

7. He was actually still a teenager when his part for Peter Parker was confirmed.

Unlike Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, Tom was 19 when the part of Spider-Man was confirmed. Of course he’s in his early 20s now but he still looks young enough to pass as Peter Parker in his teen years.

6. Tom can actually perform a lot of the flips that Spider-Man is known for.

Having been a dancer and very active in his training he is pretty limber and can do front, side, and back flips. It’s easy to assume that he still has a stuntman for the movies since a lot of folks in the industry still rely on stunt people and even CGI to make some of the more amazing things seem real.

5. Before taking the role he was and still is a huge fan of Spider-Man.

He’s been a big fan for a long time just as Andrew Garfield was and is, so playing this part is a dream come true. Now if he can stay on an even keel with the story as it progresses and continue to give the performance he has it might be that he’ll be Spider-Man for some time.

4. He beat out a few different people for the role of Spider-Man.

Considering how popular this character is it’s not too hard to believe that a lot of people were trying for the position and that it came down to fine details that needed to be adhered to in order to find the right fit and the right personality.

3. Originally he was going to have a part in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, he had to bow out.

He was going to play the part of Alex, the guy that ends up saving the party from the bazaar, but a scheduling conflict came up as he was working Spider-Man: Homecoming at the same time and he had give up the role.

2. In real life he’s actually afraid of spiders.

That seems a bit ironic doesn’t it? A guy that’s playing a character named Spider-Man is in reality afraid of spiders. It’s funny how things turn out since the character of Peter Parker was bitten by a spider. Fortunately they didn’t go into that little detail too much, though Holland is a good enough actor that he should have been able to push past this little if they had.

1. He has an interest in being a director one day.

A lot of actors have this same interest it would seem and it does tend to stem from wanting to see both sides of the experience. The director’s chair is perhaps one of the most powerful positions in all of movies, so it’s no wonder that so many have wanted to do it.

Tom is another actor on his way up, and so far it’s been an interesting trip.

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