20 Funniest Sketches from Whitest Kids U Know Season 1

whitest kids u know season 1 funniest sketches

“Whitest Kids U Know” was a sketch comedy show, written and directed by a comedy troupe of the same name that started on Fuse and ended on IFC, for all but season 1. Unfortunately, earlier this year, co-founder of the comedy group Whitest Kids U Know Trevor Moore was announced deceased from a late-night accident at home. The show had an incredible run over its 5 season run across two television networks. While “Whitest Kids U Know as a television show wasn’t as long lasting as some would have hoped, the members have careers before and after the show’s lifetime the group left quite the impact. Below, we’ve ranked the 20 funniest sketches from season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know”, which all premiered exclusively on Fuse before season 2 was moved to IFC.

20. John Wilkes Booth

A large portion of the sketches presented during the entirety of “Whitest Kids U Know” showed the cast members portraying historical figures and season 1 is certainly no exception as it featured some of their most notable impersonations of them. John Wilkes Booth was famous as the stage actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln in a theater during a performance. With the representations that the cast members tend to do of historical figures, they are almost always based on true events but with a little bit of “Whitest Kids U Know” flare making true facts about such figures comedic.

19. Jim

Throughout the tenth episode of season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know” several cast members, mostly Trevor, pop into their producer Jim’s office and continue to lay on an absolute onslaught of various annoyances upon him. While the sketches shown below don’t happen one after another as directly as shown, they do happen within the same episode, just between sketches during episode 10. Each segment on the Jim sketches featured several different schemes of Trevor as he played mindless games with the producer but you could see the annoyance within Jim’s expressions.

18. Timmy Poop

Timmy Poop, like almost every Timmy featured sketch is very strange and cringe fueled but this may be one of the funniest but also most disturbing by far. While in an at least mildly important business meeting, Timmy reaches into the back of his pants and pulls out poop from his pants like it was no big deal at all. The sketch evolved as it progressed into a huge argument between everyone about Timmy ruining the whole vibe from his dirty hands to the smell in the room. Eventually Timmy picked the poop up again while Trevor forced him to sit for the meeting with the poop in his hands.

17. iPod Shuffle

One of the very first sketches presented on television of “Whitest Kids U Know” featured a very popular product at the time being used very wrongfully as a pregnancy test. Unfortunately the product featured in the sketch in an iPod Shuffle, and Trevor doesn’t find this out until it’s a little too late that his girlfriend ruined his iPod. The sketch started off as a sort of parody of the type of shows that were heavily on the air from television networks such as MTV and TLC.

16. Screamers

One of the more memorable sketches from “Whitest Kids U Know” featured in season 1 was the Screamers sketch that featured several cast members getting drugs from a cool guy that they happen to know. The guys have no idea what they’re in for and it doesn’t get any better when a parent comes home and one of them was accused of being on drugs. While they all took several, different drugs throughout the sketch, we see the actual behaviors that they caused and it made them act quite different from one another. This was all due to the fact that the the drug dealer didn’t have 3 of the same drug to give them, which could have possible voided the situation but that wouldn’t of made for such great comedy.

15. Motorcycle Mama

Several sketches presented throughout the entirely of the show featured Timmy in rather uncomfortable or cringe-worthy situations. In this specific sketch from season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know” featured Timmy pretending to be on the back of a motorcycle and getting a little too uncomfortable. Motorcycle Mama featured Zach getting way over excited for the pretend game and it became clear in the skit that the parents don’t approve of this strange game but that doesn’t stop Zach from forcing Timmy. When Timmy tried to do things his way so that he could at least try to enjoy the forced ride, Zach didn’t let him do so and even more so when his dad walked into the room he made it so Zach no longer existed.

14. We Gon’ Make Love

While most of the sketches in “Whitest Kids U Know” are acted out comedic sketches, many of them are also very comedic songs that usual made light of pretty dark situations but that was all part of the comedic genius of Trevor Moore. We Gon’ Make Love specifically being about excessively drugging drinks at the bar and it’s portrayed in such a ridiculous way that the darkness of the matter is almost irrelevant.

13. Timmy Dance

As stated below, Timmy sketches are among the most disturbing but also funniest, especially from season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know” where we weren’t just introduced to these sketches but also given several of them. While Timmy sketches tend to be all over the place, they fill a void that some other sketches just don’t fill with such awkwardness. Although it was one of the shortest sketches we were given during season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know”, not that much time is needed for great comedy as the group has shown time and time again.

12. Gallon of PCP

Gallon of PCP is one of the most popular sketches from season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know”, so much so that they have merch made of the very sketch subject. The video started with Trevor running into Zach in a park and talking to him about how he’s doing to which Zach pulled up a gallon PCP like it was no big deal. Trevor specifically stated how illegal it was to have such an excessive amount of PCP and even questioned the form of the drug: which was liquid. Zach’s response was quite interesting as he simply replied with the “science”. Eventually, we realized that Zach acquired the PCP via a drug dealer that ended up killing his girlfriend because he didn’t actually have the funds for such a transaction and actually had to go pick up his kids so he left.

11. Bogey on my Six

Bogey on my Six is an interesting skit as it follows a few cast members as jet pilots, which goes from Trevor saving Sam and a literal bogey on his six to him harassing him about how he always “owes him one.” Eventually some real danger comes and Trevor hangs it over his head that he wants dinner for himself and his misses from his friend, the chef. Overall Trevor agrees to help when his dinner gets confirmed. This sketch is yet another example of how dark “Whitest Kids U Know” was right off the bat with season 1.

10. The Slow Jerk

Whitest Kids U Know had a good handful of sketches that took place in a work setting and in almost every single one of those sketches, something extremely uncomfortable is happening to somebody. In this particular moment that we considered one of the funniest, Trevor performed a running gag of sexual nature and ends up making a co-worker extremely uncomfortable and pointed out.

9. Race War

Race War is one of the most obnoxious “Whitest Kids U Know” sketches, which started off immediately with screaming from Trevor trying to get Sam stoked over a race war. It becomes apparent that Trevor is just acting like a giant child trying to get in on some festivities so he can do something with his time. Overall, Trevor just ends up wasting his time and making a fool of himself, but what else is to be expected.

8. I Want To Kill The President

In one of the funniest moments from “Whitest Kids U Know” season 1 was when Trevor addressed the viewers and informed them of statements that are so illegal, they shouldn’t even be said but in certain circumstances they can be. As with most sketches from “Whitest Kids U Know”, they use this as the perfect comedy sketch and use the sentences in very specific phrasing. I Want to Kill the President may possibly be one of the most famous sketches that the show ever produced but the comedic style Trevor Moore practically trademarked with these types of sketches only evolved as the show progressed.

7. Classroom

One of the funniest moments from season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know”, as well as one of the most memorable, was the Classroom sketch. The Classroom sketch was loaded with memorable and quotable instances that feel as if they’ve never left my memory whatsoever. In the sketch, the kids are asked various questions and with this we are shown their stupidity but as the sketch continued we learned something tragic. Unfortunately, one of the students parents died and the teacher found it appropriate to have the kids answer more questions for candy to figure out who’s parents it was exactly.

6. Ghost Tea Bag 2

Ghost Tea Bag 2 is the second of two sketches that we also talked about further down our funniest moments from season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know”. In the sketches Zach is harassed by a ghost that happens to be tea bagging him throughout his day. While the second variation of this sketch is among the funniest sketches of season 1, the original sketch was much funnier in comparison.

5. Wake Up The Neighbors

As mentioned above in our list of funniest moments from season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know”, various songs are performed, generally by Trevor, are performed throughout the show. While every song is funny in its own way, Wake Up The Neighbors was one of the most absurd and interesting songs from season 1. The Wake Up the Neighbors sketch featured an absurd amount of excuses for noise as well as an absurd amount of things creating said noise and overall it was definitely one of the most overwhelming “Whitest Kids U Know” sketches.

4. Ghost Tea Bag

Ghost Tea Bag was one of two sketches from season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know” that made up some of the funniest sketches of the show. In the sketches, Zach suffers from a ghost tea bagging him but this video specifically showed the origins and beginning tortures of this ghost encounter.

3. Hitler Rap

Hitler Rap, which may be one of the most famous and funniest sketches from season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know” and the show overall didn’t make our number one sketch from the first season of the show or favorite song but it was certainly among the most hysterical. While the show didn’t earn the number one spot, it was still one of the highest ranking sketches will certainly be remembered for a long time by fans of the comedians.

2. True Abe Lincoln Assassination

As mentioned earlier, “Whitest Kids U Know”, throughout the entire series, but more importantly season 1 as it featured original key sketches of the characters before they were used for other sketches. One of these sketches is possibly the best and funniest sketch from “Whitest Kids U Know” as a whole. Ranking 20th on our list was a sketch of Abe Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth but this sketch featured at 2nd on our list was a much great form of comedy compared to the John Wilkes Booth sketch that featured the characters.

1. Get A New Daddy

Ranking absolute 1st on our ranked list of funniest sketches from season 1 of “Whitest Kids U Know” comes Get a New Daddy, which was not only one of the funniest songs to come out of the show but one of the darker sketches, certainly within the first season. As stated within our list with every other song from “Whitest Kids U Know” that featured Trevor Moore in the spotlight, the song is beyond funny with that special touch that Trevor brought to comedy and his death won’t go without fans repeating his name and watching the sketches of “Whitest Kids U Know” for the future coming.

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