Trevor Moore and the Impact of Whitest Kids U Know

Trevor Moore and the Impact of Whitest Kids U Know

Trevor Moore and the Impact of Whitest Kids U Know

If, like me, you grew up with the incredible dark comedy styles of Trevor Moore, or more notably his work in Whitest Kids U Know than you may have a twisted sense of humor towards every aspect of life; and WKUK taught us that’s okay. Whitest Kids U Know was a sketch comedy group of improv actors and friends that had a show of the same name of various networks from Fuse to IFC but today the group’s various of forms of work can be found on YouTube and their website. Recently, Trevor Moore, co-founder of the comedy group, tragically passed due to an accident, according to his family and recently it was established he “accidentally fell from a second story balcony, resulting in head trauma.” While not the biggest star in Hollywood, Trevor Moore was more along the lines of fame in a specific district of Hollywood. The actor was well know in the modern comedy world, behind the scenes and on screen with movies such as “Miss March”, work with Comedy Central post-Whitest Kids You Know and more. Below, we’re going to go over the impact of the comedy of Trevor Moore himself and everything done with and by Whitest Kids U Know during their short, but powerful, stint on network television from the acting stage.

Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore himself, while an absolute comedy powerhouse, wasn’t the sole force behind the group and it was clear with each skit. Each member of the group showed that they could hold their own weight with writing, directing and improvising whatever needed for the sake of the specific skit and comedy itself. Personally, Trevor was always my favorite from the group, as a tall, wide variety comedian I always related to the comic, that could just as easily be considered an artist. From Whitest Kids U Know as a stage act to the show itself, his own comedy album and the more recent stunts the group had been performing, WKUK never really left.

However, for me it felt that way and until Moore’s death unfortunately I was unaware that the group was highly active on YouTube and publishing various content with a large amount scheduled for the future as well. When I was informed that Whitest Kids U Know was finished with episodes on IFC I was pretty upset but hopeful that the group would continue somehow. Eventually so much time had passed that I had eventually forgotten about new content from the group until Moore’s album High In Church, and that release only further cemented my thoughts on no future Whitest Kids U Know related work. However, as stated above, upon learning about Trevor Moore’s death, I discovered that the group had been performing a variety of projects.

Whitest Kids U’ Know

From skits about PCP in a gallon jug, to bad parents and literally everything in between, Whitest Kids U Know were never afraid to explore comedy in any way, shape or form as they always tackled it head on, regardless of the topic. While people, unaware of the actors they were watching or the artists that they truly were, found the show to be completely idiotic. People that watched and considered the comedy to be flat, or outright stupid, probably didn’t understand the concept or genius behind these skits. Surprisingly, a large majority of Whitest Kids U Know’s skits were based upon historic significance of some kind as the actors often portrayed historical figures or based a skit around historical occurrences.

The group, consisting of Moore, Zach Cregger, Timmy Williams, Sam Brown, and Darren Trumeter, would play figures of all kind like Hitler, Abe Lincoln, and others like Satan. The members of Whitest Kids U Know met when three of the cast members shared a dorm and eventually added the others as the members graduated and made the something more permanent and separate from their school. Trevor Moore and the other members of Whitest Kids U Know, as mentioned above, recently started a series of programs on YouTube and Twitch. The members created a scheduled programming that they followed mostly strictly, moving sometimes moving time slots.

These shows offered a variety of programming with each member doing several different programs themselves, with others. Each show had a completely different premise and the group announced that the proceeds from the programs would go towards a new project. The project, simply titled Mars was announced to be changed from what was originally said to be live-action, to animation. While the project of the future is uncertain but as a fan, I’m positive the rest of WKUK will finish the project perfect. If Trevor Moore and Whitest Kids U Know had any sort of impact even close to what they did with their segment-turned-movie “The War on Drugs”, it’s sure to be worthwhile and raunchy, yet inspiring and whole.

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