Top Five Moments Of The Five Nights At Freddy’s Trailer

Top Five Moments Of The Five Nights At Freddy’s Trailer
Top Five Moments Of The Five Nights At Freddy’s Trailer

After years in developmental hell, Five Nights At Freddy‘s will finally make it into theaters! The project was first announced in 2015 by Warners Brothers. Then, Blumhouse got a hold of the popular video game franchise in 2017. The film has gone through several directors, with Emma Tammi (Into the Dark, The Wind) ultimately being finalized for the project.

Based on the video game of the same name, Five Night At Freddy‘s is about a troubled security guard whose hired to work at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. While spending his first night on the job, he realizes that the late shift won’t be an easy one to sit through. The cast features Matthew Lillard, Josh Hutcherson, and Elizabeth Lail. The horror film is scheduled to make its premiere on October 27. Here are the five best moments of the recent Five Nights At Freddy trailer.

The Five Nights At Freddy’s Trailer Sets The Scene At  Freddy Fazbear’s!

Top Five Moments Of The Five Nights At Freddy’s Trailer

Five Nights At Freddy‘s has a concept ready-made for film. The biggest issue is that there’s no story to transfer over from the games. The objective was relatively simple — survive five nights at Freddy Fazbear’s. Thus far, the film does a nice job of setting the mood for the overall story, and the creepy introduction video of the place nicely coincides with the themes of the video games.

This film does seem to rely on jump scares. However, it’s not always a bad thing to have jump scares in a horror film. The moment when everything loudly turns on gets the skin jumping in anticipation for what’s to come. The overall aesthetic looks great, and the animatronics come across as creepy as the video game counterparts. The Five Nights At Freddy’s trailer wisely clues you into the story before the big jump scare.

The Kids Went Missing

Top Five Moments Of The Five Nights At Freddy’s Trailer

The children angle is a nice twist to the story. It makes sense overall since the horror occurs in a place meant for kids. The twist that the kids disappear and come back as ghosts is a fun wrinkle with endless story possibilities. The scene where Mike’s sister checks out the place as the police officer explains what happened to Freddy’s is quite chilling. Even weirder are the ghost kids who appear for Mike.

Five Nights At Freddy’s appears to be more of a slow-burn psychological horror film instead of a crazy gore fest. The focus on story and character allows the audiences a chance to really connect with the protagonists. That way, when the true horror at Freddy Fazbear’s begins, you’re not rooting for these murderous puppets to kill a bunch of characters ruthlessly. Plus, playing with our minds can be ten times more scary than over-the-top gory kills.

It’s Established That “They” Want To Make Abby Like Them

Top Five Moments Of The Five Nights At Freddy’s Trailer

FNAF seems like a good mix between Goosebumps and The Black Phone. Supernatural elements, with a mysterious set of villains who have evil intentions. The camera work for the animatronics is great. The slow head turn, plus the moody lighting, really makes these animatronics pop. The notion that these things want to turn Abby into one of them is quite frightening. So far, there are so many intriguing layers to a story that has massive potential.

Freddy Walks In The Dark

Top Five Moments Of The Five Nights At Freddy’s Trailer

The excellent camera work and cinematography have already been highlighted. The moment with Freddy’s eyes glowing as he creepily walks in the dark is rather unsettling. This being a horror film, the kills are indeed important. For the most part, Freddy seems to be going more in the psychological field, though there are moments where the film doesn’t seem to be afraid of gore. Hopefully, Emma Tammi was able to create unique and creative kills that fit the story and world overall.

Josh Hutcherson Strapped To A Chair

Top Five Moments Of The Five Nights At Freddy’s Trailer

Having Josh Hutcherson and Matthew Lillard in the film tremendously helps. The latter is infamously known for his memorable role as Stu in Scream. However, Lillard has proven in outside projects such as The Bridge and Good Girls how diverse his skills as an actor can be. So has Hutcherson, who did an excellent job of being a sympathetic protagonist in the Hunger Games series.

The next to the final shot of Mike being strapped to a chair as Freddy’s saw weapons create a nice suspense and fun nail-biting moment. Perhaps the biggest sin of the trailer is the often misplaced humor that was never necessary, to begin with. Five Nights At Freddy’s looks like a promising horror film. After being in developmental hell for nearly ten years, let’s hope it was worth the wait.

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