Why the Olsen Twins Won’t Be Appearing on Fuller House

Michelle Tanner

The Olsen Twins and Fuller House: A Complicated Relationship

For quite some time, the creators of Fuller House have been trying to persuade the Olsen twins to make a guest appearance on the popular sitcom. This is evident through the numerous references to their character, Michelle Tanner, and the fact that they were a pair of twins playing the same role. However, Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin has recently stated that he will no longer be contacting the Olsen twins to ask them to appear on the show. In his statement, he mentioned that he would have no issues if the Olsen twins suddenly expressed interest in making an appearance on Fuller House, but it would have to be their decision, as they are well aware that the invitation is open.

How Did the Olsen Twins Contribute to Full House?

Fans of the original Full House series will remember the Olsen twins’ significant role in the franchise. For those who may not be as familiar, the Olsen twins took turns playing the character of Michelle Tanner, the youngest child of Danny and Pam Tanner. Initially, the creators of Full House did not want the public to know that the character was played by twins. As a result, their names were combined in the credits as “Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen” rather than “Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.” Eventually, this was changed, and both Olsen twins received proper credit for their work. Interestingly, while the Olsen twins played the same character, they are actually fraternal twins who just happen to look similar enough for the role.

Why Have the Olsen Twins Declined to Guest Star on Fuller House?

Despite the show’s efforts, the Olsen twins have consistently refused to guest star on Fuller House. This is particularly intriguing because they are the only members of the main cast who have declined to do so. In contrast, some of the other main cast members have become full-time main cast members on Fuller House, while others play recurring roles. The exact reason behind the Olsen twins’ refusal to appear on Fuller House remains unknown, especially since it was reported at one point that they were close to accepting the offer. However, there have been mentions of it not being the right time for them to appear, as well as a reluctance due to the significant amount of time that has passed since they last acted. While this may be disappointing for fans hoping for a complete main cast reunion on Fuller House, these reasons are quite understandable.

What’s Next for Fuller House?

For those interested in Fuller House, Season 3 of the sitcom is now available for streaming. The first nine episodes of the planned 18 were released on September 22, while the remaining nine episodes are set to be released sometime in December 2017, although an exact date has not been revealed yet. Fans will have to continue watching without the Olsen twins, but the show’s success proves that it can still thrive without them.

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