Five Reasons The Medical Community Would Like Chicago Med

Five Reasons The Medical Community Would Like Chicago Med

Five Reasons The Medical Community Would Like Chicago Med

On any medical show like Chicago Med there’s going to be a fair amount of drama since this is part of what the show is about and it’s bound to try and bring as much as possible to give attention to the other facets of the show that aren’t based on medical procedure. That being said however it’s a belief that the medical community might actually like this show along with a few others since it does seem to adhere to what they would practice as regular medical procedure on a routine basis. There are a few things that are added in for dramatic effect and a few moments when the medical community might shake their heads to indicate that it wouldn’t happen this way, but overall the show does seem to hold tightly to the realism that is needed and the professionalism that a lot of places are prized for.

Here are a few reasons why the medical community might appreciate this show.

5. The diagnoses seem to be accurate.

There are a lot of irritating things that can happen with a medical program such as this one but hearing the wrong diagnoses can make a lot of doctors cringe since simply making something up on the fly or flubbing certain details will no doubt make them wonder just how much research was done for the show and what the writers could have possibly been thinking. It’s obvious that the writers aren’t all bound to have their doctorates or even set foot down the medical path in school but there is such a thing as realism and it does pay to brush up on medical terminology and just which diseases, conditions, and injuries receive what treatment.

4. The common practices are done in a fairly realistic manner.

Chest compression is and has for a long time been one of the things that a lot of doctors have seen as a big issue in shows and movies like this. When you see a doctor or other medical personnel pushing down on someone’s chest to get them breathing again you tend to see them using short bursts that likely wouldn’t do much. The word from many doctors that have been in the field long enough is that while it’s not a gentle process it does work, and breaking ribs is an unfortunate side effect of saving someone’s life. Being gentle to keep someone alive is just not the way things are done unfortunately.

3. There are moral concerns that doctors do come against from time to time.

Being a doctor does come with more than just treating a patient after all, as a lot of doctors have no doubt found out during their time on the job. There are moments when you have to act like a human being to and understand that those who are watching their loved ones being treated and looked over are in a great deal of emotional pain and need to be reassured or at least given the truth as much as possible. This can lead to a great deal of drama in real life since no one wants to hear that a loved one might pass away soon. This is where the drama gets overplayed a bit however, since some scenes seem to focus too much on the dramatic pauses to mirror real life.

2. The cast is great at creating a very emotional and real response to the cases they see.

While the emotional response is great and the drama that is created is enough to make this one of the better shows on the air, it’s also great to see that the cast does respond to each scene as though it’s a life or death situation and move quickly, efficiently, and without hesitation as might be done in a real hospital setting. Plus, the emotions that are seen from the cast as they go about tending to their patients is convincing enough that one could easily imagine with a degree and medical license that these individuals could actually do some good if they were so inclined.

1. The producers and writers have definitely done their homework for this program.

There have been shows in the past that have been top notch when it comes to acting but less than satisfactory when it comes to their content and the realism that was brought to the audience. People in this day and age are not quite as forgiving and will gladly criticize a show for just about anything they can find, so it’s imperative to do things in as realistic a way as possible in order to keep the audience watching. That being said, this show has obviously benefited from the writers taking the time to really make things seem as authentic as possible.

Even doctors like to watch medical shows from time to time.

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