The New ‘Friends’ Funko Pop! Collection Will Be There For You

The New ‘Friends’ Funko Pop! Collection Will Be There For You

While there are a handful of shows that officially reached ‘cultural phenomenon’ status in the 90’s, Friends is definitely somewhere at the top of the list. The show was characterized by a catchy theme song, hilarious one-liners, and relatable storylines. But it goes without saying that what really drove things home was its endearing characters.

It goes without saying that the chemistry between the six friends is nothing short of electric. Even more, their comedic timing, witty banter, and timeless bond are unmatched. That’s why it’s so exciting that there’s a new collection of Friends Funko Pops up for grabs. So, anyone who’s a sucker for good 90s TV and the Central Perk gang that made this possible, then here’s a collection that should catch your eye!

Chandler Bing Funko Pop!

Chandler - Friends Funko Pops

This one comes as a bittersweet reminder of a character who was as sarcastic as he was lovable on the show. Played by Matthew Perry whose death practically shook the world, Chandler Bing was the the group’s resident funnyman. But, he wasn’t just a bag of laughs, throughout the series, viewers saw him grow immensely as a character. From his struggles with commitment to his journey towards finding love and happiness, he showcased moments of vulnerability that made him lovable and relatable.

The Chandler Bing Funko Pop figure stands approximately 9.5 cm tall and is pretty much modeled after the Statue of Liberty. It equally features a Vinyl exterior and is going for 13 dollars a pop. Altogether, the figure doesn’t just embody the king of comedy in Central Perk, but the talented actor who brought him to life.

Ross Geller Funko Pop!

Ross - Friends Funko Pops

While each member of the core group on Friends may have had their quirks, Ross (David Schwimmer) definitely took the cake when it came to being the most neurotic of them all. But could you blame the guy? He simply couldn’t catch a break — even when he was supposedly on a break with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). So, it’s pretty apt that his Funko Pop figurine is a nod to the sticky situation he got into in Season 5, episode 11 [The One with All the Resolutions].

In a bid to embrace different things every day, Ross puts on a pair of leather pants while out on a date. So, naturally, he ends up stuck in the bathroom with his pants around his ankles, unable to put them back on. That’s what this Ross Funko Pop figurine comically depicts, all 9.5cm of it. Again, it’s made of sturdy Vinyl and goes for $13.

Monica Gellar Funko Pop!

Monica - Friends Funko Pops

The queen of organization herself, Monica Gellar (Courteney Cox) is next on the list. In a nutshell, Monica is that friend who would color code her closet and alphabetize her spice rack. She pretty much had her whole life and career trajectory mapped out. So, in the second season when her life goes off track for a bit — from head chef to waitress — it’s alarming and hilarious all at once. Well, that moment is immortalized as part of the Friends Funko Pop! collection. The vinyl figurine itself is also 9.5cm tall and is wearing her waitressing uniform.

Rachel Green Funko Pop!

Rachel - Friends Funko Pops

Played by Jennifer Aniston, Rachel was one of the characters on the show that really added some oomph to the world of Friends. She may have started off as the spoiled daddy’s girl, but throughout the series, she grew into a strong and independent woman. But if there’s one moment that truly defines Rachel’s journey in the series, it’s her not-so-humble beginning as the runaway bride. As such, the Rachel Green Funko Pop dons the iconic wedding dress from Season 1, episode 1. Just like the others in the collection, the figurine stands at 9.5 cm and will set you back $13.

Joey Tribbiani Funko Pop!

Joey Friends Funko Pop

Another endearing character on Friends, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) could come off as simple, but he was as layered and lovable as they come. One of the best things about him was his unwavering loyalty to his friends. He was always there for them in his own ‘Joey’ way. But, let’s not forget his love for food— Joey’s culinary adventures and his never-ending appetite are a cornerstone of his character. Even more, he had somewhat of a romantic love affair with pizza. So, it’s only apt that the 9.5cm Joey Funko Pop! figurine comes fully integrated with its own pizza.

Phoebe Buffay Funko Pop!

Phoebe Friends Funko Pop

Hands down, Lisa Kudrow gave the performance of her life with this character, because Phoebe Buffay was as multidimensional as they come. With her unique fashion sense and offbeat personality, Phoebe was known for her free-spirited nature and her ability to always see the bright side of any situation. Her adventures and misadventures were as hilarious as they were bizarre at times. Altogether, her Funko Pop figurine embodies all that is quirky and refreshing about Phoebe.

In Season 2, episode 23, Phoebe’s marine boyfriend, Ryan, (played by Charlie Sheen) is in town for their regular roll in the hay. However, she catches chicken pox and passes it on to him and the pair have to ‘get better’ as opposed to ‘getting down’. Standing at 9.5cm with a calamine lotion spotted face, the vinyl figurine comes in at $13.

What Makes Friends So Iconic?


With wholesome characters, great writing, and zingers for days, the magic of Friends still resonates to date. However, in the end, what made the show so iconic was its ability to make viewers feel like they were a part of something special. We laughed with them, cried with them, and grew with them. Overall, it’s a show that speaks to the heart and serves as a reminder of the importance of friendship. So grab your Central Perk coffee mug, rewatch your favorite episodes, and get yourself a Friends Funko Pop! here.

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