Five Things You Don’t Know About Tyler Perry’s Netflix Movie

Five Things You Don’t Know About Tyler Perry’s Netflix Movie
Five Things You Don’t Know About Tyler Perry’s Netflix Movie

Credit: @tylerperry

Tyler Perry is known for many things, including his hit movies starring himself as Madea. She’s the loud, opinionated, hilarious woman of a certain age who needs to share every thought which works for her. Perry makes a great Madea, and he’s made a great deal of money from his role as Madea, both the character and the creator. However, Tyler Perry’s Netflix movie, “A Jazzman’s Blues,” is different. Tyler Perry’s Netflix movie dropped in September 2022, and it’s been coming to long. Here’s everything you need to know about Tyler Perry’s Netflix movie.

1. A Jazzman’s Blues is Tyler Perry’s First Screenplay

Ask yourself how a man who has spent decades making movies that make the world laugh wrote this screenplay first. Tyler Perry’s Netflix movie didn’t hit the streaming service until 2022, but it’s his first? Believe it or not, this is the truth. This is the first screenplay that Perry ever wrote, and he wrote it many years ago…in the 1990s. It’s a film he created with the spark of an idea more than 27 years before its release date in 2022, and he is proud it finally gets to see the light of day.

2. The Story of This Story is Phenomenal

Let’s take you back 27 years to when the name Tyler Perry was unfamiliar to everyone. He was a young man with no job, money, or idea of what to do. Perry knew he wanted to see Seven Guitars by August Wilson in Atlanta, so he did what he could do without the money to pay for a ticket. He snuck in. After the performance, his luck changed unbeknownst to him. He met Wilson after the show, and the advice Wilson gave him encouraged him to go home, put his pen to paper, and create A Jazzman’s Blues the same night.

Five Things You Don’t Know About Tyler Perry’s Netflix Movie

Credit: @tylerperry

3. He Knew He Couldn’t Make the Movie Sooner

Tyler Perry is a man who does things his way, but he also knows that sometimes his way is not the best. He knew early that making this movie was nothing he could do too soon. Why? Because if he made this movie too soon, he’d ruin his career. A period piece? It would not work for a man known for his talent in the comedy department. He had to cement himself in Hollywood as Tyler Perry, the man we know now – the man with a reputation for success. He had to do that before he could do what he wanted.

4. Tyler Perry’s Netflix Movie Will Change Your Mind About Him

If nothing else happens with this movie, he knows that the world will readjust its thinking to see him in a new light. He knows he’s known for Madea. He knows that the world sees him for that and nothing else. He’s aware that there is little else he can do to change the fact that the world sees him in a particular light. However, Tyler Perry’s Netflix movie is close to his heart, and it’s something he is all right with. No, Madea is hanging out here making jokes or using her wit. This is a movie about a very different time. He’s gone outside his box on this one.

5. The Story is Better Because of the Wait

A Jazzman’s Blues 2022 versus A Jazzman’s Blues in the mid-90s would be a much different story. Tyler Perry knows this and is familiar with how he did things differently and for the better. Had he made this movie 27 years ago when he wrote it, it would not be the story it is today. He’s not saying it would have been a bad project, but he needed the time he used for the past 27 years to change, adapt, and learn. He needed to do the other things he did when he was younger to find himself in this place.

Five Things You Don’t Know About Tyler Perry’s Netflix Movie

Credit: @tylerperry

Tyler Perry might not be known for his serious side. He’s Madea, the hilarious older woman with slapstick comedy. But that doesn’t mean he’s not someone who knows what it takes to learn. Perry recognizes that his time making his Madea movies gave him the time, power, and knowledge to take his first story and make it into what it is now. You can watch this movie on Netflix and see it for yourself. Do you feel the 27 years Tyler Perry’s Netflix movie took to make was worth the time spent?

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