Tyler Perry Proves He Still Has a Lot In Store through “Zatima”

Tyler Perry Proves He Still Has a Lot In Store through “Zatima”
Tyler Perry Proves He Still Has a Lot In Store through “Zatima”

Credit: Zatima

Whether Tyler Perry is a big shot in modern movies and TV shows is no longer a debate. Beyond showcasing his acting skills in different movies like A Madea Homecoming and Diary of a Mad Black Woman, he has proven without a doubt that he is as good at creating shows as he is on the stage. Tyler has wiped out any doubt by constantly releasing top-listed TV series, one after the other, for over a decade. Their popularity has turned him into a household name with insatiable titles like Ruthless, Bruh, The Oval, and the long-running The Haves and the Have Nots. The exciting aspect is that he never falls short of a storyline to tell to capture his audience with new work out of his secret closet of ideas. And, when one would think he has exhausted his stocks, he suddenly pulls out another – Zatima.

Intriguing Continuity from Sistas to Zatima

Of the many unique traits of Tyler Perry, the habit of keeping his work interconnected yet expansive and covering different perspectives and casts stands out. He demonstrated this strength by skillfully deciding to transition and explore the lives of Fatima and Zack from Sistas in this show which is quickly gaining a solid fan base. The two casts were already a force to reckon with in the earlier series, leaving the viewers wondering how much is in store for them as the new series unfolds. The beginning is already a reflection of Tyler’s intention to pick from where he left off with the idea of Fatima and Zack moving in together in the newly renovated and furnished apartment. If the drama served by the two casts in Sistas is anything to go by, Zatima will become an intriguing show in the next few years.

Tyler Perry Proves He Still Has a Lot In Store through “Zatima”

Credit: Zatima

The Release Was Breathtakingly Good, Re-Affirming Perry’s Already Unmistakable Creativity

While Perry covers diverse ideas in this show, the ride-or-die feel between Zack and Fatima is possibly the best of the highlights, making it worthwhile to watch. One could already feel this vibe through the Sistas season 3. As a result, its rejuvenation in Zatima demonstrates Tyler Perry’s expertise in this trade. He does much justice to this theme by bringing the drama and love between the two right from episode one of this series. It introduces a love-smitten but still gangster-like Fatima who can go to any lengths to fight for her new man. She even gets cocky as she brags about Zack to her girlfriends, sparking jealousy with a hidden past.

Similar to many of his past works, Tyler Perry weaves other fascinating subjects like family, friendship, and dealings that make his shows more than just a source of entertainment. As this feature makes Zatima a hybrid of moral and social educative content, there’s no shortage of lessons for the audience to learn while enjoying the drama packed with romance and betrayals. The turns and twists in this show’s plot reflect Perry’s unparalleled writing and producing skills. The fact is that even without further preempting, the show is worth every minute, proof that Tyler Perry has so much to offer.

Tyler Perry Proves He Still Has a Lot In Store through “Zatima”

Credit: Zatima

The Shooting Does Not Disappoint at All

The best experts learn from their mistakes, or so goes a famous saying. Tyler Perry’s work has not escaped critics’ hawk eye leading to accusations of substandard or low-budget productions. But these claims have never deterred his focus and ambition of constantly improving himself and bringing the best for his audience. If anything, Tyler Perry takes his directing skills a notch higher in the making of this drama show. The trailer proves that he takes criticism as a learning source and progressively refines his TV shows to satisfy virtually every need of the diversified fan base.

By releasing Zatima, Perry confirms he is not yet satisfied with creating his network. He once declared his vision of owning one where individuals can enjoy various entertainment non-stop throughout the day while receiving diverse life-changing reinforcements. Since the producer-actor has proven his unwavering desire and idea-filled mindset through different works, Zatima is a clear sign of his continued success in this journey. The show brings energy, outstandingly shot scenes, and a compelling storyline. In short, it offers everything to lovers of drama, romance, and betrayals.

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