Why John Stamos Wanted The Olsen Twins Fired From Full House

Michelle Tanner

It sounds like kind of a jerk move to kick the Olsen twins off of Full House, doesn’t it? Even if it was though, John Stamos had a good deal of influence and made it happen since the twins cried all the time, as the explanation has been given over the years. The exasperating part is that when a new set of twins were brought on they were found to be too difficult to work with and the Olsen twins were brought back. Not only that, but Stamos grew close to the girls over the years and actually fought to keep them both on the show once they started getting older and looked less and less alike. To the untrained eye, they both still look very similar, but there are noticeable differences that can be seen between the two of them if one really looks. For several years they shared the role of one of the most popular members of the Tanner family and came up with a few catchphrases that people still use every once in a while. Plus, the Olsen twins would go on to star in their own line of home movies and as they grew older would find their way into the design and fashion industries where they’re currently at today.

Many people were disappointed when Ashley and Mary-Kate didn’t show up for the Netflix show Fuller House, but Stamos openly supported their decision to not come back, though there was an amusing 4th-wall break during the pilot when everyone asked where Michelle was. The twins did give an explanation of why they didn’t come back since they believed that everyone else was much closer to each other and to the show since they were all old enough to remember everything that happened and therefore had a stronger tie to it. But the Olsen twins, being little kids, didn’t feel as attached since they don’t remember a lot about the show, which is hard to argue with since they were so young when they were given the part. A lot of people would gladly argue with this, but the feeling is that it’s not just the fact that they don’t feel that kind of emotional bond with the show, it’s that they are apparently quite busy most times and didn’t feel the need to adjust their schedules in order to attend an episode or two. It might sound a little controversial in some ways, but it was their decision, and to be fair, it could very well be that they don’t remember enough of their time on the show to really make it worthwhile. Asking someone to remember something that happened when they were a little kid is generally going to be met with a blank stare since a lot of us don’t remember things that happened in college or high school, for different reasons, so asking people to remember what they did as small children is kind of ridiculous.

But the truth is that they’re still fairly close with some of their former costars and have kept in contact with them over the years. The Full House cast has done their best to stay close to each other and were for the most part pretty supportive when Lori Loughlin was caught in the middle of the Varsity Blues scandal that sent her to prison for a matter of months. The cast members have all gone on to do their own thing over the years and it’s been seen that some of them have been quite successful, but it’s also been seen that a couple of them haven’t done quite as much and have even struggled a bit with their careers. John Stamos hasn’t been one of those since he’s been popping up in various shows and movies over the years and has maintained his popularity in a big way since he’s been considered a pretty big star for quite a while. Hearing that he wanted the Olsen twins off of the set early on isn’t much of a surprise really, since there are plenty of facts about the show that a lot of people might not know about, and this is just one of them that might make people think that Stamos was kind of a jerk at times. But many others still think that he’s a great actor, and they’re right, but as anyone should know by now, actors aren’t perfect individuals and they do make mistakes. Trying to imagine the show without the Olsen twins though is kind of difficult since Michelle’s level of cuteness would have been a big loss that the show might have struggled to cope with.

When all is said and done though he did realize that the show needed the Olsen twins and spoke up to get them back.

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