10 Things You Didn’t Know About VH1’s “Sistas”


Tyler Perry’s new BET series made its debut on VH1 on October 23, 2019. It’s titled “Sistas.” It was placed in the 10 PM slot on Sundays and the show did remarkably well with great ratings. It’s off to a great start so far, but Perry is asking fans to encourage others to watch the new show. It’s brand new and if you haven’t yet tuned in, here are 10 things that you didn’t know about VH1 “Sistas” that might help you decide to give it a try.

1. The premiere received high ratings

“Sistas” aired across three Viacom networks on its premiere airing on Wednesday night. An amazing 1.3 million viewers tuned in to watch the new series. They gave it a .721 P18-49 rating which has Perry excited about the prospects of the show continuing. Ratings are very important for new shows because this is how networks determine whether to cancel or keep them going. If this trend continues, you’ll probably see a lot more of the series. It might even become your new favorite. The debut was listed as “the most social cable program” after just one episode, which is encouraging.

2. “Sistas” is a comedy-drama

Some viewers like a good comedy while others prefer the drama genre. “Sistas” has the content to appeal to both audiences because it’s a comedy that also infuses some heavy doses of drama into the mix. It’s the kind of series that can keep you riveted to the edge of your seat, and then crack you up with laughter in the next moment. What’s not to like about that?

3. Tyler Perry is the genius behind the show

Fans of Tyler Perry absolutely have to check out his new comedy-drama series “Sistas.” Perry created the series and has been heavily involved as the writer, director, and producer. Of course, he has a little help in the production but his signature is all over this new series and his reputation for delivering high on content and entertainment speaks for itself. He’s a master when it comes to the creation of good television series that draw in millions of viewers. When his name is mentioned, those who are familiar with his work give their full attention.

4. You have to check out the cast of stars in “Sistas”

There are some familiar faces and some new ones in the cast. It’s always exciting to check out a brand new series to meet new actors. Some are veterans and a few of them are just waiting to become your new favorites. The cast of “Sistas” includes KJ Smith, Ebony Obsidian, Mignon Von, Novi Brown, Chido Nwokocha, DeVale Ellis, Brian Jordan Jr., Kevin Walton, and Anthony Dalton.

5. The next episode is set to air

After a successful pilot episode, the next installment in the series is already set in the lineup. The second episode is titled “Mixed Signal,” and will air on October 30th. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a brand new series. if you missed the pilot you can still watch it and get caught up through a variety of streaming sources.

6. This is a series that people from all walks can relate to

The plot of the show revolves around a group of single black females. These ladies come from very different walks of life, but they all have one thing in common. They are all single, and each is wondering why this is the case. Perry is brilliant in taking this very important topic and expanding upon it. This is something that most people can relate to, especially those who have been single for a long time. The ladies in the series bond with one another as they seek to figure out why they’re still single and what if anything can be done about that.

7. The show gets complicated

Just when you start to like the characters, Perry takes you a little deeper into their lives. Each has a complicated set of circumstances that leads to some real and intense drama. A single woman enduring ups and downs of their careers, managing complicated love life and friendships and re-examining their relationship goals, are they even realistic? For anyone who has ever questioned this, the show is poignant. It’s guaranteed to take you on a roller-coaster of emotions with just enough humor to break up the drama every now and then.

8. Sistas is a heavy dose

This show is an hour-long, which gives you a lot more time for the story-line of each episode to develop. Unlike many other series that only air an episode long enough to draw your interest, then leave you feeling dissatisfied, the full hour format is packed with entertainment and content so you can really get into the show and start enjoying it. There’s ample time for the setup from one episode to another to keep you wanting to come back for more.

9. The show could be inspiring

We’re guessing that “Sistas” is a series that is going to have the biggest appeal to women in the 18-49-year-old age range. The reason we make this assumption is because of the age of the characters and the stage of life they’re in. They’re busy working and trying to build a future. One of the main themes focuses on romantic relationships, which is something that usually appeals to women in this age group. There are likely to be good tips on what not to do in a relationship as well as what does work.

10. Guys can learn a lot from watching the show too

It takes two to make a relationship and although the show focuses upon single women, there are a lot of guys in the cast too. “Sistas” looks like a series that could have an appeal for men as well as for women, because there are elements that take into consideration what men go through in relationships as well as women.Tyler Perry

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