How Hallmark’s “Good Witch” Has Evolved Since Season 1

How Hallmark’s “Good Witch” Has Evolved Since Season 1

For a while now the show Hallmark show Good Witch has been a veritable cash cow for the network, creating interest and buzz to the tune of four rather successful seasons. During that time it’s only natural that the show would continue to grow and evolve as the characters have been introduced and then allowed to grow with each new interaction throughout the duration of the series. A good chunk of the development has to do with Middleton and its many residents and how they’ve interacted with one another, while the other largest chunk of course is centered around Cassie, the central character of the show. The success of this show is just a little surprising since apparently it was never supposed to be a franchise, but since the first season was successful it was decided to go ahead and keep going with it. Since the whole idea started as standalone movies however it did need a lot of work when it came to switching over to being a series. Everything from the story to the cast had to change in a way so as to properly represent the idea that was trying to be fleshed out.

The reason behind this of course is that movies tend to have a very easy model to follow in terms of structure. There’s an ending, a middle, and an end, along with the many different facets that go along with a movie and make it run like a smooth, well-oiled machine. With a series this is still possible but it’s usually much more drawn out since each season has so many different story lines and plots that need to be furthered and fleshed out so as to widen and enrich the overall story that people have grown used to. Cassie is without a doubt, of course, the main character that we want to watch, as it was established early on, but the many different stories going on around her have managed to create a town and a great number of characters that we’ve decided to pay attention to and actually care about after a while. While she is the main character there have also been other individuals that have been fleshed out either in opposition to her character or in a complimentary way that has pushed the the whole narrative of the story even further.

In the first season we realize that Cassie has been mourning the loss of her husband but has at least noticed another man that swiftly becomes her love interest. Throughout this budding romance that eventually becomes an engagement and then a marriage there are plenty of incidents and occurrences that come along in order to keep things interesting and engaging so that the viewers don’t get bored. The one thing about any show that has to do with magic or magical beings is that there is a lot of room to introduce a lot of different things that might be kind of interesting to pursue since the whole nature of a magical show means that the writers can step out of the bounds of reality occasionally, depending of course on just how the magic is being used and whether it is the main subject of the whole show. In this case Cassie is the main subject and therefore the magic is there and it’s very present since the term “good witch” definitely puts it in our heads that something beyond the norm is happening.

Apart from that the whole personal development of Cassie as she moves through one season after another isn’t entirely astounding but it is pleasing since it means that she’s no more or less than any character in the series and is able to identify as just another human that has feelings and sensations like anyone else. Too many shows and movies that feature witches put them above the humans around them in a big way and while it’s understandable in a lot of ways it does tend to get old after a while, when in truth the idea of a witch that is a lot more human in her behavior is something that people seem to relate to a lot more. Keeping things in perspective and allowing for a more realistic development of each character within the series has no doubt managed to keep a lot of the viewers and has created something that is more or less appreciated.

The one thing about being on the Hallmark channel is that you know it’s going to be based mostly on romance and will place an emphasis on relationships, but to be quite honest that seems to be what people want, as it’s not a complicated show and allows people to get into something fun and exciting without having to deal with all the horrific fallout that so many enjoy.

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