Unveiling Mignon Von: 10 Intriguing Facts About the ‘Sistas’ Star

Mignon Von

Millennial actress, Mignon Von, has a few credits to her name. One of them is 42 Seconds, a short film she wrote, directed and starred in. These days, she stars in the popular BET series, Sistas. The show, where she plays an abrasive airline supervisor has brought her into the limelight. Naturally, starring in a series like that has made a significant number of people curious about her.

Unfortunately, unlike some of her costars, there isn’t a lot of information out there about the actress. Mignon does not divulge any details of her romantic life, and for those who love scandals, none involve her. But that doesn’t mean for fans of the actress, there’s nothing to learn beyond her onscreen performances. Below are ten facts you didn’t know about Mignon Von.

1. She is a Christian

The freedom of religion has led people to publicly declare whatever or whoever they believe in, with some choosing to believe in nothing. In America, as well as the entire world, the most popular religion is Christianity, and Mignon is among the billions of adults who practice it. After realizing that she had been booked for the role of Daniella in Sistas, she expressed her appreciation to God. Mignon captioned her announcement on Instagram that “God can take you a long way only if you let Him.

2. She was Almost Homeless before Landing Sistas

Mignon Von and Sistas costars

After listening to a talk by Tyler Perry in 2015, Mignon Von was inspired to pursue an acting career and moved to Atlanta. But it wasn’t the smooth transition from production assistant she hoped for. Despite making an award-winning short film, she struggled to land jobs and moved back to LA where she was homeless. For a few months, she slept on couches and in her car before she auditioned for Sistas and landed her breakthrough role.

3. She has a pet dog

Mira Grant said that there is nothing in this world as pure as the love of a good dog, and most celebrities know that through experience. Stars like Hillary Duff and Jenny Slate do not mind sharing how much they adore their pets on their social media accounts. Mignon is also a dog lover, as can be seen from her Instagram post, where she is flaunting her white puppy.

4. Her idea of true love is real acceptance

Mignon Von

Everyone has their concept of what true love is. The late Don Williams even sang that true love is what we most desire, and it is hotter than a fire. However, for Mignon, as she told BET, her idea of true love lies in real acceptance. Mignon believes that a person who truly loves you should take you as you are. She advises that true love does not try fixing or changing your partner. Instead, you meet them at their crossroads and journey with them.

5. She loves Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones became an addictive series not just in America but worldwide, and when the final season was announced to be underway, fans could not wait for its release. Among the millions of viewers who share an undying love for the show is Mignon Von.

6. She is close to her family

Mignon Von and Family on Thanksgiving

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately, we cannot choose our relatives. Mignon Von loves the one she’s blessed with and takes every moment she can to show her love. Her Instagram is full of pictures with almost all her female relatives, including her mother and sister.

7. She does not believe in giving up

Giving up on anything or anyone could be regrettable in the long run once it dawns on you that you went picking stones instead of waiting for the diamonds to come your way. Mignon compares giving up to falling when you are a few steps from the finish line or oasis. However, it is not just about completing the journey for our sake. Mignon feels that we owe it to those who believe in us to not fail them since our lives are not our own.

8. She had low self-esteem issues

Mignon Von at an award ceremony for her short film

It has been said time and again that confidence is not wondering if people will like you once you walk into a room. Instead, it is questioning yourself if you will like them. Most people, even those who seem to have it all, suffer from low self-esteem, and Mignon is unfortunately in that category. Incredibly, the beautiful woman believed she was not good enough to book the character of Daniella, despite having won an award for a short film she wrote and directed. Luckily, she was wrong.

9. She binge-watched The Good Doctor

We are all guilty of becoming so addicted to something that takes a lot of self-control to stop. Television shows can make us stay up all night; you think you can do with one episode per night, but the minute it ends, you are curious to know what happens next. For Mignon Von, one of those is The Good Doctor, a show she once binged until 2 am.

10. She was a Production Assistant

Mignon Von in her days as a production assistant

Before Mignon Von was a relatively successful actress with a show on BET, she was a production assistant. She worked as one for the first time in 2013 on the film, 4Closure. Her production assistance “career” lasted three years and included work on Dancing with the Stars: All Access and Sister Code.

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