Five Things You Didn’t Know about Little People Big World

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Little People Big World

Little people or those born with a condition called “dwarfism” have now taken their rightful place with the rest of the population on reality TV. The pioneering show in this genre Little People Big World introduced the Roloff Family, parents Matt and Amy and their kids, Zach who is little and Jacob, Molly, and Jeremy (Zach’s fraternal twin) who are average sized. They lived on an idyllic pumpkin farm where life revolved around farm projects, family fun and faith. As the seasons progressed, fans learned more about the family and the bits of real life drama behind the scenes. Here are five things you may not know about TLC’s Little People Big World.

5. Jacob’s Rebellion

As Jacob got older, he began to drift from the family. He said that he is not a Christian, which was revealed in a Radar Online article. Jacob has also been pretty vocal about his displeasure about being on the show and had some choice remarks about his share of the money that he claims he did not receive. They have reached a reconciliation of sorts but the picture of the Roloffs as a devout Christian family is missing one piece.

4. Immigration Drama

Although the Roloffs are very close with their staff and treat them like family, there are some problems that could not be handled on the farm. There was a good reason for the deportation of farm hand Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez, who worked for the Roloffs for the past 17 years. The man had an accident while driving under the influence and the cops found cocaine, so the deportation was drug related, and had nothing to do with his appearances on the show.

3. Fans Aren’t Thrilled with Matt’s New Love

When you go through a public divorce on a reality show, you don’t stay lonely for long, and this is true for Matt Roloff who has hooked up with longtime farm manager, Caryn Chandler. While Matt himself has gotten creepier as the show has evolved his very sudden and public dating life has caused many fans of the show to go “Ewww” than “Way to go!” Some fans, however, can’t wait to see how this new romance features in the show, according to this article. Although Caryn is average sized, she looks much like a younger version of Amy.

2. Amy’s In Love Too

Amy seemed to handle being single quite well, in fact, she never looked so pretty and happy. Part of the reason may be her new boyfriend, Real Estate Broker Chris Marek. She’s already introduced her new man to the kids, but some say she is moving on too fast, according to an OK Magazine article.

1. The Divorce Was a Long Time Coming

If you read between the lines of Matt Roloff’s 2009 “Advice” book, Against Tall Odds: Being a David in a Goliath World, you get a glimpse into Matt’s way of thinking. Just the title shows he had illusions of himself as a hero. Yup, it’s all about him. Just like on the show where he would start projects that he could not finish and do crazy stuff to annoy Amy to no end. That part, evidently, was not scripted. Fans wonder how on earth she put up with him for so long. The allegations of cheating were just the icing on the cake.

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