Five Things you Didn’t Know about Lee Garrett

Five Things you Didn’t Know about Lee Garrett

It takes a lot to be one of the most hated people on TV anymore, but somehow people either keep raising the bar or finding a way to cling to it in a sad attempt to make themselves relevant. Enter Lee. He’s been perhaps one of the sleaziest guys to join the cast of the Bachelorette in many seasons, and one of the most universally hated. Why would this be you ask? He’s a good-looking guy sure, and he seems like he could be a real charmer as well. So why would he be so reviled. Well, read the tweets he sent out on his account a little while back and you might fully understand just why he’s been getting the stinkeye for a while now. You could also see why he got moved into the Loser’s Circle as well.

Seriously, it takes a very real effort to be one of the least liked people in TV, so Lee, you must have done something uniquely stupid. That being said, here’s a few things about him you might not have known by now.

5. He’s more into dive bars than clubs.

He likes social interaction he says, but really it seems like he might need a dive bar just to hide his face after the snafu that’s been going on after his stint on the show. It stands to reason that a guy speaking as he did on Twitter might want to bury his face in the shadows for a little while. But somehow I get the feeling that won’t happen.

4. He’s a big fan of Scarface and Gone With The Wind.

You mean he’s a big fan of guys who act with too much machismo? Get out of here, really? What a shock. You could have guessed as much I suppose with the way he acts.

3. He’s a singer and songwriter.

This shows he has a voice but no manners. The down-home country boys of Nashville are constantly lauded as being gentlemen and having the type of manners that put the rest of us to shame. So what happened with Lee?

2. Despite being a smart guy he’s not all that bright when it comes to Tweeting.

Don’t get me wrong here, he knows HOW to tweet, just not WHAT to tweet. If he’d had brain one in his perfectly-coiffed head he might have thought twice and even three times about the tweets that really put him in the hot seat. Chances are he still would have tweeted the same, but he would have at least thought about it.

1. He’s one of the most controversial person on the show.

From his ill-conceived tweets to his fight with Kenny there’s not a lot to like about this guy. He touts himself as a gentleman and a stud but really he turned out to be a jerk and a dud. A guy that should have been able to control himself and be a kind and courteous individual turned out to be a poor representation for, well, anybody.

Much like the POTUS, you should consider staying off of Twitter for a while Lee.


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