Five Scenes from One Tree Hill That Show Why Lucas and Brooke Should Have Been Endgame

Five Scenes from One Tree Hill That Show Why Lucas and Brooke Should Have Been Endgame

The CW drama series, One Tree Hill, has had a successful run of 9 seasons for good reason. If you started watching the show as a teenager, you would have practically grown up together with its characters. The series is set in the fictional town of Tree Hill, and follows the lives of the two Scott half-brothers, Lucas, portrayed by Chad Michael Murray (A Cinderella Story) and Nathan, portrayed by James Lafferty (Crisis), together with the family and friends they grew up with. The series’ storyline tackled all the important aspects in a person’s life, such as family, friendship, love, and career. It was filled with touching moments and memorable quotes that were usually narrated at the end of each episode. Heart-tugging and emotional are good ways to describe it. One of the central themes of the show was also about romantic love, which brought a mix of relationship goals and tricky love triangles. Out of all the main leads, Lucas was one of the characters whose love life was most controversial. His love triangle with sassy cheerleader, Brooke Davis, portrayed by Sophia Bush (Good Sam) and her broody best friend, Peyton Sawyer, portrayed by Hilarie Burton (Lethal Weapon) were part of the highlights of the earlier seasons of the show. Here are five scenes from the series that show why Lucas and Brooke should have been endgame:

5. When Lucas told Brooke how he really felt

The scene where Lucas finally reveals his true feelings for Brooke before she leaves Tree Hill for a holiday break is one of the first scenes where we are able to really feel the two characters’ unique and palpable chemistry. What makes their budding relationship even more interesting is that their personalities could not be more different. Brooke was the feisty popular cheerleader and school hottie, while Lucas was the brooding and mysterious boy next door type. The confession scene may not have ended the way we wanted it to, but it served as a great head start for the episodes to come.

4. When Lucas invited Brooke to hang out

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Lucas has become more daring to express his feelings for Brooke. The scene by the beach when Lucas invited Brooke to hang out and go on a casual date with him is a step forward in their relationship. It was a light-hearted moment that started with some flirting, and one that ended with a sweet kiss and a couple selfie. Their dynamics as a couple was unlike the other relationships in the series. It started out as a non-committal fling, but somehow grew deeper in time. This slow burn revealed different sides to each character that was not evident at the beginning of the series.

3. When Lucas and Brooke had a fight under the rain

The confrontation scene where Brooke stormed out of the house in the middle of the storm after confront Lucas about a letter she discovered that he wrote and never sent to Peyton using the same words he told her was a high point in their relationship. It was an unguarded moment between the two characters as Lucas assured Brooke that his heart was here, and goes on to enumerate the reasons why he wants to be only with her, and not Peyton. It was an intimate moment, as Brooke allowed to be vulnerable and reveal her insecurities, while Lucas reciprocated the gesture by being open about his true feelings.

2. When Brooke asked Lucas to rescue her too

Lucas was known to be a problem solver and knight in shining armor for so many people in Tree Hill. The scene where Brooke asked Lucas to rescue her too felt bittersweet. Lucas has always been there for other people, and she also wants to feel what those people felt. A good thing about this scene though is that the couple has reached a point in their relationship where they are vocal of each other’s needs and wants. Lucas continuously professes his love for Brooke, while Brooke is not afraid to show that she is seeking something more than just reassurance. Little cracks were in their love story were starting to show, but their feelings for one another was still undeniable.

1. When Brooke invited Lucas to dance with her

The scene where Brooke asked Lucas to dance with her after the wedding of Nathan and Haley, portrayed by Bethany Joy Lenz (Guiding Light), was heartbreaking in different ways. It was the calm before the storm, as it was also the night when Brooke found out that Lucas and Peyton unexpectedly kissed again. Lucas tried his best to assure her again of her love, but this might not be enough anymore to sustain their relationship. This was also one of the final scenes where we see the two characters share a romantic memory. Brooke and Lucas may have had the right love at the wrong time in their lives. Nevertheless, it was a pure and beautiful moment that made us feel that all was right in the world of Tree Hill.

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