Why One Tree Hill Probably Deserves a Reboot

Why One Tree Hill Probably Deserves a Reboot

Why One Tree Hill Probably Deserves a Reboot

If you were among the crowd of folks that thought One Tree Hill was one of the best shows out there and believed that the beautiful and gorgeous people that headlined it need to come back then you might want to plug your ears against the gale of laughter I’m about to unveil. Kidding, kind of. The fact is that One Tree Hill did gain a lot of attention during its time and it was one of those shows that had people talking about it even after it went off the air. Then a few of the stars were seen kicking around other shows and movies and people went nuts when they saw them since it does tend to happen when a person is confronted with the idols they’ve enjoyed for so long being cast into different roles. But One Tree Hill has been trying to mount a successful comeback and it might be time that it was rewarded with a reboot. Now I’m definitely one of those that doesn’t always care for reboots and remakes but will at least concede that it can be successful at least part of the time since when done right a reboot can in fact revive the love that people had for a show or a movie.

That could be why writers like Bethany Gleave from Pretty 52 were more than a little upbeat when it came to thinking that the show might find another round of glory days when it came back to the small screen for another run. The idea here though is that it would be coming back in a different time and, even if it used the same characters, it wouldn’t be coming back as the same old, same old. Think about it, people have seen this, people have grown up, and they’re wanting something else that will entertain them on a level they appreciate. Shows have to change with the times as it’s been seen unless they’re period pieces, and as you know very well at this point One Tree Hill is not a period piece, it’s another modern-day soap opera that was geared towards a certain demographic that is thought to be running, or will eventually be running the country, and therefore needs to be placated in some way. The only downfall of this it seems is that as that demographic continues to get older, the shows they remember and like and possibly want to see come back aren’t going to entertain the next generation as much, and therefore need to change somewhat in order to be listed among the ‘old shows’ and thereby relegated to the back of the streaming network, or the dusty DVD files that are slowly becoming extinct and outdated in some ways.

One Tree Hill is a show that can be revived with a reboot, and folks like Lindsay Macdonald from Screener are more than willing to show proof of this by bringing up old episodes and stating in very certain tone that the program is worthy of being looked at again. The kind of buzz such people are willing to generate is kind of impressive since it means that the show meant more to them than just a passing fancy and a chance to see beautiful people cavorting about while trying to solve one problematic issue after another, it means that it touched them in some way that was fundamental to their nature and was worth remembering. That’s something that a lot of people who watch these shows and don’t take the time to understand them just don’t get. There is something about the entertainment we enjoy that transcends the normal audience to TV show kind of relationship. Entertainment is, after all, one of the few things in this world that we cling to simply because we can and we want to. It’s not necessarily needed to survive when talking about our biological needs, but in terms of our sanity and relating to one another in terms other than pleasantries and overall personal issues, entertainment is a way to connect on a level that is hard to understand unless you’re willing to look past what you see and fathom the reason why we enjoy the shows we do.

I’d have to disagree with Brit Lawrence from Cinema Blend concerning the need for a ‘revival’ of One Tree Hill since bringing in the same characters to work out new issues would be a mistake I believe. Bringing them in wouldn’t be a bad idea, but introducing new characters to drive the overall story would be a better decision as it would include the new and the old and a possible link to bind them together or, even better, to allow the old to pass on the torch to the new. In this day and age, and all those that have come before and will come after, it’s a natural procession that keeps things interesting.

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