Ron Howard Has Hopes for a “Solo” Series

Ron Howard Has Hopes for a “Solo” Series

ron howard solo series

Ron Howard has hope for a Solo series on Disney+. But the unfortunate failure of the movie does, however, need to be taken into account. Solo didn’t perform nearly as well in the theater as many had hoped. The idea that it might be better off as a series is interesting for a few reasons. 

One is that it allows the story to expand a bit more. In the EU, Han and Chewie did have several more adventures before taking on the passengers that would set them on a course to join the Rebellion. A series would allow this to happen naturally. If allowed, there would be plenty of time to tell a few different stories that could inevitably lead to Tatooine. 

The big question is how much of the EU would be needed to complete this story. However, redefining Solo’s story doesn’t sound like a great idea. But putting him through a few adventures that fans might remember does sound like it would work effectively. 

ron howard solo series

A Qi’ra series sounds like a good idea

Many fans want to know what happened to Emilia Clarke’s character since there’s been nothing on screen since that moment. The fact that she left Han without any further explanation makes it clear that she had contingencies to take over when her boss fell out of favor. Not only that, but she could be a way to bring Darth Maul back into the spotlight for a little longer. 

Whether Clarke would want to come back is up for debate. Plenty of actors making the Star Wars movies and series come to life have remained fairly busy over the years. Therefore, availability is always a question. Thinking that Alden Ehrenreich would return for the lead role is intriguing. It would be nice to maintain the continuity. 

Exploring Black Sun a little deeper would be great as well. The underworld of the Star Wars galaxy is of great interest to many fans. It’s been touched upon but not fully explored. The best part is that Han was once a part of the underworld as he and Chewie sought to make a living. 

Solo could do well on Disney+

Seeing as how Star Wars has its entire section on Disney+, it’s fair to think that Solo would get a fair amount of attention. A series could last at least two or three seasons if things were stretched out, if not longer. Ron Howard has faith that there’s a lot more to tell with this tale. 

With his success and reputation, it’s worth taking a chance. Unfortunately, Howard isn’t a producer on this project, so he can’t say what will happen. He was brought in to help with Solo but had no other control over it. If he were to come back and work on the series, he feels he might be able to do something special with it. 

ron howard solo series

Plenty of fans still want a Lando series

It’s also a great idea to think about bringing Lando back. His character’s popularity has endured for a lot of years now. The cocky smuggler is a perfect match for Han Solo. Even better, he’s had adventures that many fans don’t know about. His part in Solo had a lot of people wanting to see more of him. 

But it’s easy to think that his adventures, while interesting, could take a while to develop. Lando has played a role behind the scenes in Star Wars, and he’s been part of the main group when he feels the need. As a younger character, he was still a bit of a rogue and looked out for himself. Not only that, but he wasn’t into joining up with any causes unless he was being paid. 

It does feel that Lando could go on a few adventures that would widen the Star Wars franchise. After all, he’s good at getting into the type of trouble that’s interesting to the fans. On top of that, he’s good at getting into places unnoticed. 

Solo 2 doesn’t appear to be any closer to happening

There’s nothing to say that a second movie will happen anytime soon. Whether this is a good thing or not is hard to say. The Solo movie wasn’t a home run in terms of cinematic achievements, but it has spurred many people into thinking that they want more of this story. 

A series on Disney+ might be the answer. Ron Howard’s endorsement, if it’s given, could go a long way to helping this series happen. Whether it would see the same cast members return is unknown. One can hope, though, right? 

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