Five Reasons Why Hawkeye Should Lead the Avengers

Five Reasons Why Hawkeye Should Lead the Avengers

This doesn’t feel like it would be the idea that a lot of people would embrace since For a long time Hawkeye has been seen as a valued member of the Avengers, but also one that has been more or less temperamental and even kind of a loose cannon now and then. But since he was introduced in the MCU he’s undergone a lot of changes that have helped to shape his character over time and have also made it clear that he’s someone that can be relied upon when things are going bad. Plus, while he does have his trick arrows and fighting skills, he’s a little more impressive since he’s a normal human without any powers, fancy suits of armor or enhanced senses that can help him overcome more powerful enemies. But all the same, Hawkeye has hung in with the Avengers and done his part for so long that seeing him as an inspiration is easy.  Here are a few reasons why Hawkeye should be allowed to lead the Avengers. 

5. With Captain America and Iron Man gone he’s the best candidate. 

Now that the two biggest names in the Avengers are gone and Thor is off on another adventure, it’s fair to say Clint Barton is the guy that’s left behind to take up the slack. One might say that War Machine could take up the role, but he doesn’t appear to want it, and with T’Challa gone, it’s easy to see that Clint is the guy that knows how the Avengers operate and could step into the role with a fair amount of ease. Unlike War Machine he’s not just a soldier, since he did end up taking the initiative and went out on his own during Endgame in order to at least try and find answers. He doesn’t always do the right thing, but he gets results. 

4. Hawkeye has matured throughout his time in the MCU.

He was rather cocky when things started out, but as of now, it would appear that Clint has matured quite a bit and has come to a point in his life when after so much loss he’s finally come to realize what matters and what he wants to do with that knowledge. It’s fair to think that the Hawkeye series will see a bit more of this maturity on display, hopefully, but it does feel as though he’s changed as time has gone by, and it could be for the better. That level of maturity is what the next group of Avengers will need since if there’s any indication of who’s going to be left, Clint and Rhodes will actually be the most mature among them. 

3. He has tactics and experience on his side. 

There are others that have a lot of experience behind them as well, but Clint has a wide range of skills that don’t rely heavily on possessing a suit or a set of powers that can allow him to gain the advantage in a fight. It was made evident during Age of Ultron that Clint knows full well what his limitations are, but that he works around them all the same. His ability to hang in the fight with his bow and arrow and the skills that he has as a trained soldier and assassin are often enough to keep him in the fight for a while since he’s quick enough and tough enough to stay up for longer than many people without powers might be. 

2. Captain Marvel is gone too often. 

There are likely plenty of people that would think that Captain Marvel should be the leader since she’s one of the strongest people left that could lead the Avengers, but it would appear that she’s gone far too often. Like it or not, a leader needs to be around a little more than she is, so thinking that she could take on the job is kind of amusing since it’s more likely that she would be best being a reserve member. Her addition to the Avengers is by far one of the best since she is a serious powerhouse, but her need to protect the galaxy as well as the earth kind of pulls her in different directions. 

1. He’s one of the founding members in the MCU. 

Hawkeye didn’t come to the Avengers in the comics until later, but he was one of the founding members in the MCU, so it’s fair to think that he’s earned his chance to step into the leadership role since he’s been through everything with them at this point. His dedication to the team is unquestioned since despite having a family and a home to look after, he’s still managed to stick around and do what needed to be done. That’s the kind of person that you want to lead your team. 

It does feel like it should happen. But the question now is will it happen. 

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