Five Reasons Solo Movies are Better and Five Reasons Ensemble Movies are Better

Five Reasons Solo Movies are Better and Five Reasons Ensemble Movies are Better

Between solo and ensemble movies, a lot of people have differing opinions as to which are more popular and which work better when it comes to the overall story that’s being pushed. Some enjoy the solo movies that have come out concerning various heroes over the years, while others are far more psyched up for the ensemble movies that bring them all together. The truth is that fans love both types of movies, but there are advantages to both since they bring their own bonuses to the big screen no matter what team they’re playing for. The MCU has done an impressive job building up to their ensemble movies, and some would argue that DC has done just fine as well. But the point is that there are benefits to both solo and ensemble movies that deserve a closer look so that people can gain a full understanding of why both are needed, and why they work to build up whichever universe they’re representing.  Here are five reasons why solo movies are better and five reasons why ensemble movies are better. 

10. Solo: There’s more attention given to the individual character.

Getting to know the individual characters is tough in an ensemble movie since the run time of a movie needs to take into account what needs to be done and how much time needs to be given to each character. In a solo movie, it’s easier to understand one person and those that are in their immediate orbit. 

9. Ensemble: One character often isn’t enough for the fans. 

Fans love one character and relish the chance to get to know them, but if anyone is up on what pulls in the dollars, they’ll know that franchises like DC and Marvel are best when they feature two or more characters. Fans always want more in other words, especially when they know there’s so much more to give. 

8. Solo: Figuring out one person’s part in the grand scheme helps people ease into the bigger idea.

Looking at the entire puzzle, so to speak, is great when it’s all said and done, but being able to examine one piece and how they fit into the bigger picture is great since it makes a lot more sense sometimes. Some argue about continuity quite often, but the truth is that things fit together a lot better when one has an idea of everyone’s place in the bigger picture. 

7. Ensemble: The threat level can be expanded upon in a given story. 

Even Superman isn’t capable of taking on all comers. The point is that once the universe widens and more characters are brought in, it can be seen why a single character isn’t enough to take on every threat that’s looming in the shadows. By creating an ensemble movie it’s possible to up the threat level. 

6. Solo: Focusing on one aspect of a universe (the singular character) isn’t as overwhelming.

Indeed, taking such a wide view of a universe or even a world can be a little daunting for some fans. Some folks like to focus on the minute and more personal details, which is why solo movies are perfect. Getting too big too quickly isn’t always desired. 

5. Ensemble: It reminds the fans that the individual is part of a wider world.

Giving people the idea that there’s a lot more in the world they’ve seen is great since it reminds everyone that there is a much wider, more diverse world, and the universe that can be taken from when it comes to introducing heroes and villains. It’s also interesting when characters that can cross the line and do their own thing come into play. 

4. Solo: A solo movie can drum up more interest for an individual character.

Sometimes it’s important to focus on one character simply because they ARE the starting point. A lot of people love reminding everyone that Iron Man wasn’t thought of as a popular character before Robert Downey Jr. came along. Years later, people were crying when he sacrificed himself in Endgame. 

3. Ensemble: The focus on the given universe widens in a big way.

Even a group can be made to feel kind of small and underpowered when thrust against a universe full of threats. But this is also a time for the ensemble cast to shine since it shows how tough and resilient they can be, while also reminding people that they’re stronger together than when they’re apart. 

2. Solo: The character can be introduced in a way that makes another movie more desirable.

This is a great trick since it’s used quite often and in a way that’s perfectly acceptable since of course, people are going to want to see more and more once they become interested. Hooking their interest with a solo movie makes it possible to get fans interested in seeing what will come next. 

1. Ensemble: The fan reaction is often greater.

Compare the reaction of seeing Captain America or Iron Man kicking butt on their own to the ensemble cast that came alive in Avengers: Endgame in the final battle against Thanos’ forces. The reaction kind of says it all.  Both solo and ensemble movies are great in their own way and are used when needed. 

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