The Five Most Memorable Stevie Ryan Videos That She Made on Youtube

The Five Most Memorable Stevie Ryan Videos That She Made on Youtube

Youtube celebrities have become a big trend in the world today as it’s not nearly as expensive to shoot a Youtube movie and the exposure is so great. Stevie Ryan was well known for her many different Youtube films and was revered as one of the best and funniest women on the internet up until her recent passing. The actress was found dead in her home, an apparent suicide. It is truly saddening when someone so young and filled with such promise takes their life in such a manner.

Here are several films that might serve to highlight Stevie’s skill and showcase the energy and passion she brought to the internet.

5. Little Loca

As with so many of her parodies Little Loca is easily over the top and serves as a caricature that Stevie liked to use on occasion. She wasn’t at all shy about using her looks and her talent to get the ball rolling and make something happen from virtually nothing. In fact her popularity grew from virtually nothing when she shot her first Youtube clip to allow her to become an overnight sensation.

4. Twerking Intervention

If you know what twerking is then you’re definitely from this generation. The act of moving your rear end up and down in a rhythm to music has become a popular pastime for some, but the parody of it in this clip is simply too hilarious. The use of the intervention background is comical and even a little over the top but it works. Families on the actual intervention are usually distraught and desperate to help the addicted family member, but in this case it’s just silly.

3. Keeping Up With The Kardashians Uncut

Some people absolutely love the Kardashians and all the drama they bring to the network that bothers to air their lives. I don’t know a lot of them, but some people do actually like them. Stevie obviously liked them well enough to do a fairly decent parody of them that showcased just how “real” the show likely is. Keep in mind this is a parody and shouldn’t be taken seriously, but it still makes people laugh to think that Kim and the others are taking the time to read their heartfelt words off of cue cards being held in the background.

2. Toddlers and Tiaras

Oh if the show was truly like this then it’d be a wonder if anyone kept watching. The manner in which Stevie goes about acting as a child though and the antics of the mother are simply hilarious. She pulls no punches when it comes to offering her comedic opinion and it shows.  This is likely what many people have been waiting for, an actress that isn’t afraid to go ahead and slam a few network shows with her brand of comedy while still keeping things light and funny.

1. Mail Order Bridezillas

If you’re easily offended this clip might not be for you, but if you’ve seen the show Bridezilla you might get a kick out of it. The parody is obviously horrible for the fact that Stevie is not Asian, but the ridiculous nature of it is kind a redeeming quality that allows it to be funny. Remember, she pulls no punches.

Sometimes the best way to send a soul on their path is to remember them as they were in their better moments. Stevie will be missed.


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