10 Things You Didn’t Know about Green Frontier

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Green Frontier

Green Frontier

Green Frontier is a Colombian mini-series that can be found on Netflix. For those who are curious, it is a crime thriller with supernatural elements set in the Amazon rainforest, which makes for a stand-out setting to say the least. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Green Frontier:

1. Made in Colombia

Green Frontier is a Colombian mini-series made by some pretty notable Colombian names. It is an excellent example of Netflix’s effort to expand its Colombian-made content. Something that makes perfect sense because there are plenty of people in other countries with an interest in media streaming for much the same reasons as their counterparts in the United States, meaning that more Colombian-made content is an excellent method for expanding Netflix’s user base in Colombia as well as its neighbors to a lesser extent. After all, most of the countries in Central America and South America speak Spanish.

2. Set in the Amazon

As stated earlier, Green Frontier is set in the Amazon. About 60 percent of the Amazon can be found in Brazil. However, about 13 percent is situated in Peru while another 10 percent is situated in Colombia. The remainder can be found in countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Combined, this information should provide interested individuals with a better comprehension of the sheer size of the Amazon, particularly since the rainforest has seen about a 17 percent deforestation in the last 50 years.

3. Makes Good Use of a Good Setting

On the whole, the Amazon works quite well as a setting for a crime thriller with supernatural elements. To an extent, this is because it is a very interesting environment in its own right, meaning that its presence contributes to the narrative in a thousand ways both big and small. However, it should also be noted that the Amazon is a reminder of a much older world that most of us living in heavily urbanized areas have very acquaintance with. Something that proves to be very useful when it comes to the mini-series’s overall themes.

4. Starts Out with Four Murders

The mini-series starts out with the murders of four missionaries. Unsurprisingly, this is very attention-getting, with the result that the national authorities become involved in the case.

5. The Protagonist Is a Member of the CTI

The protagonist is Helena, a member of the CTI. For those who are curious, the CTI stands for the Cuerpo Técnico de Investigación, which translates to mean the Technical Investigation Team. Said team falls under the Office of the Attorney General of Colombia, thus explaining why it operates out of the Colombian capital of Bogota. Besides serving as a source of advice for the Attorney General, the CTI carries out plenty of investigations as well.

6. The Case Is Situated in a Very Remote Location

Unsurprisingly, the setting of the story is a very remote location. This can be seen in how Helena travels to the region via a helicopter as well as a private boat, which is notable for a couple of reasons. One, the methods of transportation make it clear that the infrastructure that facilitates transportation in more urban regions just doesn’t exist there. Two, the methods of transportation make it clear that there aren’t enough people visiting the location to support something more official in nature. Both of these elements serve to emphasize the remoteness of the setting to excellent effect.

7. The Case Is Complicated By Local Indifference

With that said, the region isn’t so remote that it is without law enforcement. Unfortunately for Helena, the local law enforcement have very little interest in seeing justice done, not least because they aren’t particularly enthused by the thought of having to find the people who they believe to be responsible for the murders. In fact, the local law enforcement are so indifferent that they didn’t even bother with a proper documentation of the crime scene before moving the bodies of the four murdered women, thus further complicating matters for Helena.

8. Involves Uncontacted Peoples

One of the main reasons that the local law enforcement aren’t interested in finding their suspects is because said individuals are members are uncontacted peoples. This is important because they don’t want to go looking for their suspects in the jungle. With that said, the term “uncontacted peoples” can be rather misleading. After all, the term sounds like it refers to peoples who have never had contact with the outside world. However, it can include peoples without significant contact with the outside world as well. Unfortunately, a lot of uncontacted peoples have had very negative experiences with the outside world, which is one of the reasons why they are often less than enthusiastic about further contact.

9. There Is a Legend of the Eternals

It isn’t too long before Helena hears a local legend about a group of people called the Eternals, who live without blood. Not coincidentally, it turns out that there was a fifth victim – a woman wearing the uniform of the missionaries but whose tattoos and piercings make it clear that she is a part of the uncontacted peoples in the region. Mysteriously, there is a very clear hole in her chest where her heart has been removed. However, there is no blood to be seen on the scene.

10. Mother Nature Is Mother Jungle

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Green Frontier focuses a great deal on the power of Mother Nature, which is called Mother Jungle thanks to the choice of setting. Generally speaking, we tend to see Mother Nature in a very nurturing light, which is why it can be a bit jarring when we see other more complicated representations of the natural world. However, it should be mentioned that our perception of the figure being thus is no coincidence, seeing as how she comes from a Greco-Roman figure that was meant to represent just the creative and nurturing sides of the natural world rather than the whole.

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