Five Actresses Who Should Play Megan Rapinoe in a Movie

To say that Megan Rapinoe is a great soccer player is a vast understatement since she’s gained honor after honor and proven more times than is easy to count that she’s one of the best players to ever hit the field. But saying that she’s a true patriot in light of her statements and actions is a bit problematic since the idea of being a ‘true patriot’ is up for grabs and mass interpretation at the moment. One thing is clear, she’s not interested in what other people think or how they view her since quite honestly she’s of the mind, along with many others in America, that the nation is deeply flawed and that injustice has to be fought by taking a knee during the national anthem and refusing to travel to the White House to meet with the president. Many admire her for this stance and while she is in fact sticking to her beliefs, which is usually quite impressive, she’s also not helping her cause by being unwilling to at least see and discuss the issues that she stands so firmly against. It’s a commonality among many in the country at the moment that standing firmly on your own side of an issue while refusing to listen to others with an opposing viewpoint is the norm, but as with Colin Kaepernick, the idea is that if you’re paid to play a game that you happen to love, it’s best to show respect to the game, the fans, and one’s country when representing it, rather than use such a forum for any type of disruption. It’s great that she wants to bring up issues that need to be discussed, but many people believe that doing so in one’s workplace is not the right place or time.

It’d be interesting to see who might get to play Rapinoe in a movie. Here are a few women that might be capable of such a thing.

5. Emily Browning

It’s easy to think that she hasn’t done much in her career but in all honesty she’s stayed away from the bright lights and more noticeable roles for a while now and hasn’t really sought out the kind of attention that some people crave. While some of her movies haven’t exactly done much in terms of gaining a lot of attention, she’s still gone on to act in several productions, including TV shows such as American Gods. While she’s not the big prime-time star Emily is still worth watching since she can act when she really puts herself into a role.

4. Anne Hathaway

For some reason there’s been a serious hate on for Anne in the past and it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. But while that’s hopefully over and done with for the most part it does need to be said that she’s a decent actress that has proven herself on screen and is deserving of a shot to see if she could make this role work. A lot of what would go into a role like this would be appearance and attitude and she’s been seen to have both in her previous movies, so it’s a hope that it would be the kind of part that might suit her just fine.

3. Blake Lively

It feels as though we don’t see Blake all that often these days, as though she’s taken a step back. But she’s still around and still capable of stepping on screen to deliver a fun and engaging role for those who want to watch. While some of her movies when she was younger are a little easier to watch since they’re a bit lighter in nature, she’s also shown that she can be a bit dramatic and take charge in a movie when she really has to.

2. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt has been on a roll for a while now and it seems to fair to state that she could do this with her eyes closed and make it work perfectly. Her acting talent has been seen to encompass a great number of roles that have taken her through a number of movies that have been anywhere from mediocre to great. She’d have to work on stifling her accent obviously and adopting a more American sound but it’s entirely possible.

1. Tilda Swinton

The picture above seemed to indicate that she might be worth a try for this role and honestly she’s great enough that she can put on any persona and make it work. Some folks have had an issue with role she takes largely for the reason that she didn’t seem right for them. But this seems as though it could be one that she might excel at simply because she’s good enough to do it and is skilled enough to make people believe in it.

Given that a good portion of Hollywood doesn’t seem to like Trump, the attitude they’d need for this role wouldn’t be hard to come by for some folks.

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