The Five Best Tilda Swinton Movies of Her Career

If Tilda Swinton seems like the sort of person that has a rather regal bearing or attitude to her then it’s well-founded in the fact that her family can trace their roots back for generations, all the way back to the Middle Ages in fact. In films she’s been the type of character that almost always has some sort of dignified mien that can break down but never completely disappear since it’s just a part of who she is. Apart from that however she’s a very talented actress that is in some cases kind of androgynous in her looks, which allows her to play a slightly wider range of characters and yet remain very feminine when such a thing is called for. One reason though you won’t see her portrayal as the Ancient One from Doctor Strange on this list is that it’s a bit controversial and could easily start an argument. Other than that, her acting is pretty solid.

Here are a few of her best movies to date.

5. Constantine

As far as the movie goes it wasn’t really loved by the fans, but the part of Gabriel was something that was kind of interesting since in a lot of pop culture Gabriel seems to be the archangel that is almost always the most suspect when it comes to motives concerning the human race. In this film Gabriel is about to allow the son of the devil into the world to inspire humanity to once again become worthy of God’s love and devotion since in her estimation they’ve slipped so far out of true that they need something to bring them back into line. The only problem is that Lucifer has a slight problem with this plan.

4. Snowpiercer

A train that’s holding the last of humanity left alive, supposedly, continues to make its way along its track, busting through one solid block of ice after another whenever it encounters such an obstacle. Aboard the train people are put into classes according to their status, meaning that those that are upper class control the front of the train and those of lower class are relegated to the back where it’s dingy, dirty, and the food is basically made from bugs and passed off as protein bars. When the lower class decide to take the train however it gets really interesting since the upper class obviously control the fate of everyone aboard, or so they believe.

3. We Need to Talk About Kevin

No parent wants to think that their child is a sadist or a killer, since to many it would mean that they did something wrong along the line and didn’t see the signs. In Eva’s case however Kevin is just simply bad without much of a reason. He’s not wired as others are and is openly antagonistic towards her and others. When he locks several of his classmates in the gym and starts killing them with the same bow his parents gave him, then Eva’s fears are confirmed that he’s someone that’s not meant to be free or even trusted. After killing his classmates, his father, and his sister Kevin is sent to prison, where Eva continues to visit him.

2. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

The White Witch is someone you don’t trust, and even in first scene where he appears to Edmund you get the feeling that she is someone vile, deceitful and altogether evil. Yet kids don’t always seem to sense this, especially when they’re looking for support or a steady hand to guide them through a difficult time. Edmund learns a hard lesson though when he won’t deliver his siblings to the White Witch and is summarily imprisoned for the act of defiance. In the end however he reunites with his siblings and their benefactor, Aslan, confronts and finally deals with the White Witch, thereby freeing Narnia from her influence.

1. Michael Clayton

For a man that constantly adjusts the truth to fit the needs of his client Michael Clayton certainly isn’t the kind of guy that appreciates the stark truth when it’s slapping him right in the face. When he’s told to accept a job that will put him in harm’s way just by trying to defend the person he’s been sent to meet with he goes in deeper than he ever thought he would, opening up a metaphorical can of worms that ends up being worth a great sum of money to those that would gladly pay him to just go away. Despite his ability to bend the truth to what he needs however Michael does possess some morals and ends up bringing the opposition down by wearing a wire while offering to be bought for his silence.

Tilda Swinton can play a desperate and conniving character but there’s almost always something regal and dignified about her bearing no matter who she plays.

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