The Five Best Jessica Lange Movies of Her Career

Jessica Lange Tootsie

It’s too bad that American Horror Story is TV and not a movie since that would be near the top of the list if not right there when talking about Jessica Lange. She’s been to the top of the mountain in her profession and while some might say that she’s in her twilight years the truth is that she’s earned the right to do what she wants to do with her career since she’s been great for a long, long time. She’s taken on so many different roles that sometimes it feels as though they’re not the same woman but given how convincing she can be and how skilled she really is. Picking just a handful of her best movies wasn’t easy by any means and it was definitely a toss-up between a couple of them, but it’s also a subjective matter since we all have our favorites even if they weren’t loved by the fans or the critics.

Here are the five best movies of her career.

5. Music Box

War crimes are a serious affair and they tended to ruin many lives back in the day and still have that power even in this era. When Anne discovers that her father’s citizenship is about to be revoked due to the accusation that he’s a war criminal that committed unspeakable atrocities in his past she takes on his case to defend him as best as she can. When the walls start closing in however her doubts continue to rise until finally she can’t help but distance herself from her father after he continues to be evasive. One can only imagine what it must be like to wonder about the past of a parent when they’ve admired them all their life.

4. Sweet Dreams

Playing the part of Patsy Cline, Lange was at her best again in this movie despite the fact that there are a lot of inaccuracies that took place that many people have pointed out over the years when it comes to this movie. The issue with portraying something that really happened is that any artistic direction that veers away from the truth is bound to be noticed, especially if it’s not something that the fans want to see and also something that fans know to be erroneous. A lot of movies have fallen prey to this idea over the years and it’s almost always been found out one way or another by those interested enough to look.

3. Blue Sky

One hopes that stuff like this doesn’t actually happen when the military is involved but who knows when everything is kept so secret. When his wife becomes a huge problem though because of her behavior and then because of an affair things just keep getting worse for Hank since his commanding officer is something of a pest and his work is being seriously undermined. At the very least his wife comes to his assistance and does what she can to keep their family and their marriage together eventually and while he is booted out of the military they do move on, as a family, to a hopefully better life.

2. Tootsie

This was a feminist version of Mrs. Doubtfire before Robin Williams ever put on a wig to be honest since Dustin Hoffman goes for it all as he takes on the persona of Dorothy and just lets it rip. Unfortunately it does kind of backfire on him since he ends up falling for a woman that he’s working with, is courted by suitors, and has to tell the woman that thinks he wants her that he’s in love. Of course it all comes to a head eventually as it must since pretending to be something you’re not is a hard act to keep up after a while. But at the very least he was convincing enough to some people to make it feasible for a little while.

1. Frances

Frances Farmer’s life is one that you can’t deny is unbearably tragic since she was all set and primed to be a rebel and possibly to be famous since she was set in her ways and didn’t want to conform to anything. But when she was cast down and pretty much out of the spotlight things took a serious turn for the worse and she found herself spiraling out of control as her career and her life took a sudden dive off a metaphorical cliff without anything to catch her at the bottom. Eventually things evened out and her life went on, but the hardships that she had to face and the trials she had to undergo would have likely broken many people and left them unable to function afterwards. Sometimes it takes an inordinately tough person to look at everything life can do and keep going without giving in.

Jessica is definitely one of the more impressive actresses that’s ever come along.

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