Fan Theory: Gaston Shot Bambi’s Mother

Fan Theory: Gaston Shot Bambi’s Mother

Who shot Bambi’s mother? If it weren’t such a morbid subject it might be kind of interesting as a miniseries on Disney+. But given the fact that it scarred people when they were younger and even brings some to tears today (yes, it’s true), the idea is that some nameless hunter was responsible for orphaning the young fawn so many years ago. There have been a few theories as to the identity of the hunter that shot Bambi’s mother, but a lot of people haven’t wanted to give it too much thought since it might have opened an emotional wound that they didn’t want to explore any further. But thankfully there are plenty of people who ask these ‘tough’ questions and are willing to dig into the idea with the intent of finding out who pulled the trigger and shocked so many people when they were young enough to still be impressionable. What’s amusing about this is that many individuals that watched Bambi had family members who hunted, and it’s fair to assume that the jokes were going to run wild.

It might feel like people would look for a scapegoat in this instance since the truth is that Gaston is a hunter, he doesn’t really appear to value life that much, apart from his own, and as a hunter, he would have no issue with taking down a deer, though one thing to argue about is that he might have an issue in taking down a doe. It might sound just a little sexist, but the fact is that Gaston is a man’s man, as he likes to think, and taking down an impressive stag with a full rack feels like something that he might aim for instead of a doe. Bambi’s mother might not have felt like the right type of challenge for his skills, but then again, this is Gaston we’re talking about. 

Pointing out his faults is pretty easy since Gaston is made out to be the alpha jerk in Beauty and the Beast, though some folks have decided to try and defend him by stating that at least he didn’t lock Belle away in a tower and then proceed to manipulate her into loving him. Nope, Gaston was intent on forcing her to become his wife, which makes for kind of a lousy defense. That’s why it feels that no matter what he was shooting at, Gaston would do this without any true malice, but would see it as his right to take down whichever animal he finds in his sight. As far as the location, it’s well established that Gaston resides well within reach of lush forests in which there are many different animals that might fall easily to his need to show his manliness. Thinking that he would do such a thing without considering that the doe had a fawn to take care of wouldn’t be tough since Gaston doesn’t care much about anything or anyone. The concern that a fawn would be left alone in the forest is something that doesn’t faze quite as many people as a person might think since the rules of nature aren’t quite the same as the rules of society. In other words, getting weepy about Bambi makes sense to some and not as much to others. 

Gaston is the type of character that isn’t bound to care much about anything that doesn’t have to do with him. That’s one reason why seeing him as the person who shot Bambi’s mother is easy enough, as he wouldn’t give two thoughts about shooting a doe, other than to realize that it wasn’t quite as impressive of a sight as it might have been had he hit a stag. But in a practical manner, a doe can feed people just as well as a stag, and thanks to this line of reasoning he would find it simple to rob a fawn of his mother without shedding a tear. Painting Gaston as the bad guy is a little too easy, but the writers that created the character managed to make it this way and sticking to the thought that he’s a character that might have his reasons for being the way he is, but his choices confirmed his persona with each sentence he spoke. 

When it comes to any evidence that Gaston did this, there isn’t any really unless one wants to analyze every frame of both movies and determine if the forested region where the act takes place matches up with the landscape in Beauty and the Beast. But seriously, it’s a theory, not a hard-hitting fact, and it’s fun to think of the ‘what ifs’ while reminding oneself that it’s entertainment. But yes, it’s very likely that Gaston was the one that pulled the trigger, at least in the opinions of many individuals. 

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