Where are the Main Characters From The Facts of Life Cast Now?

Where are the Main Characters From The Facts of Life Cast Now?
facts of life cast now

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The Facts of Life is one of the most memorable series of its time. From its debut in 1979 until it went off the air in 1988, fans followed these young girls’ lives as they lived at their fancy private school. The sitcom was a spinoff of the show Diff’rent Strokes, and it worked. Not many spinoffs like this one do, but The Facts of Life worked. In fact, so many fans watched the show so often then that they want to know what happened to the Facts of Life Cast since the show went off the air. Keep reading to find out what’s going on with The Facts of Life cast now.

1. Charlotte Rae

She is the woman who played Edna Garrett. Rae was the housekeeper in Diff’rent Strokes, and this spinoff was made for her. She moved on from being a housekeeper in her original show to being a housemother at a private school in New York. She worked for many years in the business following the end of this show, and she also lent her voice to a few animated characters. Sadly, she died in 2018. She was 92 at the time of her death, so it wasn’t untimely or entirely unexpected. She did live a very long and successful life, but her fans and her two sons absolutely miss her.

facts of life cast now

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2. Lisa Welchel

She played the role of Blair Warner, a student. Lisa played a rich kid with a bad attitude because her parents spoiled her when she was growing up. She is so many things, too. She was a Mickey Mousekeeteer, and she is a famous Christian singer who took home a Grammy nomination in 1984. However, her role as Blair makes her the most famous. Though her acting career didn’t stay so busy following this role’s end, she authored more than ten books on parenting and her religion. She’s done very well for herself as an author.

3. Kim Fields

She played the iconic Tootsie. Fields was the youngest of the girls in the core group, and she was also the one to go to if you wanted to know what was going on in the lives of just about anyone. She was a total gossip. She might be the most famous in the cast. Fields went on to star in the hit show Living Single. She was there for years and continued acting on many other projects. You can now see her on the hit show The Upshaws, which is on Netflix. She’s also been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she’s still working hard.

facts of life cast now

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4. Mindy Cohn

She played the young and easily manipulated Natalie Green. Nancy was discovered at her actual school by Charlotte Rae herself, and things just moved on from there. She didn’t have a big career following this role, but she did have many guest appearances on television shows such as Charles in Charge. She also voiced the character Velma in the animated Scooby-Doo series.

5. Nancy McKeon

We’re leaving her at number five because she did not join the show until the second season, but she’s the only other character who was around this long. She played Jo Polniaczek. She and Blair are instant enemies who turn into best friends. She’s done a few things since, but she regularly missed out on big roles to other actresses. For instance, she wanted to be Monica on the hit show Friends. She also lost a role to Sandra Bullock. Nancy did a few small parts here and there and landed a role on a Disney show called Sonny with a Chance. She played Demi Lovato’s character’s mother. She’s also competed in Dancing with the Stars. She reads audiobooks, and she dated Michael J. Fox for three years. She’s had a fun life filled with success and exciting things, and she loves it.

The first season of this show included a handful of girls who were not brought back for the rest of the series, and one of those girls was Molly Ringwald. She would go on to become one of the most famous actresses of the 80s. The show featured many different characters, but the ones listed here were the main characters in almost every single season. Aside from McKeon not being there in the first season and Rae not being there for the last, the other three girls were there the entire time.

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