Everything You Need to Know About Madea

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Who plays Madea? It’s a question many people who are new to the character ask. Madea, as it happens, is an important character in the entertainment industry. She’s not a real person, but she’s really a cool person in the movies. Per Wikipedia, Madea is Mabel Earlene Simmons. She’s the woman whose story, age, and background change a little bit depending on the movie she’s currently in or the story she’s telling. What we know about her is that she’s tough, has a lot of street smarts, and is hilarious. According to Madea creator Tyler Perry, Madea is a little bit of a few people in his own life. Here’s everything you didn’t know you needed to know about this character.

Who Plays Madea?

Most people know that it’s Tyler Perry himself who portrays Madea. The reason he chose to do that is a simple one. He watched Eddie Murphy play a woman – and his entire family – in The Nutty Professor, and he felt inspired. He thought he would be willing to be a woman in a movie with a great storyline and a killer personality. So he invented Madea, and the rest is history. What began as a small movie with a hilarious character turned into a bevy of movies with the same character, and it’s been such a fun adventure.

Who is Madea Like in Perry’s Life?

According to Perry, she’s a mixture of characteristics that embody his mother and aunt. They are the same as Madea in terms of so many things, and he loves bringing that to his fans to enjoy. He’s also called her the more PG version of his mom and aunt, and we have one thing to say about that. We want to meet his mother and his aunt. If Madea is the PG version, we want to meet the R version…they sound like a good time.

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Madea Takes A While to Transform

When Tyler Perry turns himself into Madea, it is not a process he loves. It’s a long one, and we want to say that while we don’t have to wear fat suits and be transformed into another gender when we get up in the morning – welcome to womanhood. Makeup. Hair. Clothing. It’s all a lot, and it all takes a while. He knows this after being her so many times. Tyler Perry does not miss the time and effort it took him to become this character when he was starring in his movies, and we get it.

Is Madea Coming Back for Another Movie?

We don’t know. She’s a woman who doesn’t know what she’s going to do. There was a time in 2019 when Tyler Perry said that Madea was a thing of the past, but he also said that he never says never. So while he had no plans at the time to bring her back, but then he turned around and brought us A Madea Homecoming in 2022. So, we don’t know. She’s retired once, and she’s come back. There is always a chance she might make another appearance in the future. He is not tying himself down to another movie, but he is not closing the door forever, either.

“I stayed that course bringing joy and laughter and lifting people. It had its purpose and its power. For right now I’m done,” he said in an interview in 2019. He was done for a hot second, and then he was back. However, now he’s done another, and it’s time for him to focus on other things.

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Madea Will Never Die

There is one thing that we do know with certainty. There is no chance in the world that Madea will die. Tyler Perry made it very clear a long time ago that, despite maybe being finished with her for good – which he hasn’t yet – he will never kill her. She is a character who is meant to be strong and abrasive, and she’s meant to bring joy and happiness to the world. He knows he cannot kill off a character like that. So, no matter how many times we might think we are saying goodbye to her, we are never saying goodbye to her. She’s not dying. He called her a family member to the world, and you cannot kill a family member. It’s a whole thing. She’s everyone’s favorite, so she gets to stick around. We aren’t mad about that. If she comes back, we love it. If she doesn’t, we have plenty of places to see her.

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