10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Boys’ Ess Hödlmoser

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Boys’ Ess Hödlmoser

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Boys’ Ess Hödlmoser

Born Sarah Hödlmoser, they chose to use the stage name Ess Hödlmoser. Ess is a Canadian stunt artist who has attracted attention for their work as a stunt performer in The Expanse (2015), for their motion-capture work as Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King’s It (2017), their starring role as Cindy in Amazon Studios’ The Boys (2019), and for their starring role as M in the supernatural drama series Motherland: Fort Salem.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Ess Hödlmoser was reportedly a kid who liked to do things differently. They were the kind of kids who liked to wear frilly dresses and socks and had interests in things that might have been considered weird. Ess is now primarily a professional contortionist who can move their body in such a way beyond the limits of the natural human body. Recognized for being so good at what they do with their natural talents, here are 10 things you may not have known about The Boys‘ Ess Hödlmoser before now.

1. Ess Hödlmoser Is A Stunt Coordinator

Ess Hödlmoser in Motherland Fort Salem

Professionally, Ess Hödlmoser has gained some reputation for their ability to perform stunts. In addition to starring as Cindy in 2019 The Boys, Ess was also an assistant to the stunt coordinator on the show’s second season. Talented in front of the cameras, Ess Hödlmoser also does a very good job behind the cameras.

2. Ess Hödlmoser Is Non-Binary

Ess Hödlmoser smiling

If you have read up to this point, you may have wondered why we refer to Ess Hödlmoser using non-binary pronouns. This is because the Canadian stunt artist does not identify with one particular gender. They do not feel like a ‘male’ or a ‘female,’ so they prefer to be addressed using the pronouns ‘they,’ ‘their,’ or ‘them.’ For some other non-binary people, non-standard pronouns, commonly called neopronouns, such as ‘xe,’ ‘ze,’ ‘sie,’ ‘co,’ and ‘ey,’ are sometimes used depending on the individual’s choice.

3. Ess Hödlmoser Is A Talented Contortionist

Ess Hödlmoser as a contortionist

Ess Hödlmoser can move their body in a way that makes them look so flexible, appearing like they have no bone tissue. They have mastered the art of contortion and are very proud of it because it is not an easy form of art to master. Ess uses this ability to show off what can be seen as the fine line between beauty and a more grotesque way of life.

4. Ess Hödlmoser Is Also An Athlete

Ess Hödlmoser performing

Performing stunts and contorting your body is a skill that requires lots of training and mastering. Everything athletic goes into this, and for Ess, being an actor and a contortionist means that they are both an artist and an athlete. Contortionism is a skill that requires dedication and hard work; it is not something that just anyone can do.

5. Ess Hödlmoser Survived A Brain Injury

Ess Hödlmoser

Before Ess Hödlmoser was able to make an appearance on our screens, they came up against the impossible. Ess had won a North American Muay Thai championship but then acquired a brain injury during a training match while trying to develop a professional fighting career. The performer wasn’t allowed to do any physical activity for a year because they couldn’t speak or read for several months. Once Ess could train again, they jumped into the circus arts, contorting, stunt performance, and acting.

6. Ess Hödlmoser Has Won Some Awards

Ess Hödlmoser on a film set

Ess Hödlmoser reportedly started a movie career with a small role in the American-Canadian short science-fiction film Code 8. In 2018, after having a few other stunt roles, Ess got a chance to act as a contortionist in the series Titans. They have won several awards, which include the duo contortion Prix Moulin Rouge award with Troy James at the 40eme Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, the Special Prize of Gomel State Circus at the 6th International China Circus Festival, and getting the Golden Buzzer in France Got Talent.

7. Ess Hödlmoser’s Name Is Of Austrian Origin

Ess Hödlmoser

With very little information available to the public about Ess Hödlmoser’s parents, it is unclear how the name came about. What is known for sure is that their name is of Austrian ancestry. Although Canadian by birth, their last name suggests, one or both her parents are Austrian.

8. Ess Hödlmoser Is Well-Traveled

Ess Hödlmoser performing

Being a talented and gifted stunt performer means getting invitations to perform all over the world. Ess Hödlmoser has had the opportunity to visit the most amazing places to showcase their skills. They have performed all over the world, trained all over the world, and made appearances in various festivals and shows.

9. Ess Hödlmoser Has An Educational Company

Ess Hödlmoser practicing

Being gifted in the rare art of contortionism, Ess Hödlmoser has made it a necessity to teach his skills to anyone willing to learn. Ess engages in talks and has an educational series with which he shares information about the art. With the amazing things Ess can do with their body, it may be interesting to learn about it all.

10. Ess Hödlmoser’s Family Is On The Spectrum

Ess Hödlmoser wearing a suit

Information about Ess’ family is not readily available on the Internet. They like to keep that part of their lives private and away from the media. However, Ess once stated in an interview that most of their family is on the autism spectrum. They didn’t go further into detail other than that all of their family are exceptionally intelligent. It’s easy to understand why Ess Hödlmoser excels at what she does!

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