Can The Boys Still Recreate THAT Major Homelander Twist From The Comics?

Can The Boys Still Recreate THAT Major Homelander Twist From The Comics?

The Boys season 3 deviated significantly from the comic lore, but there’s still a possibility that it will recreate a major twist from the comics. The iconic gory TV show has attracted comic book fans with its satire and humor. Many characters have flawlessly delivered on the TV show, but Homelander has been a standout character in all three seasons. Despite his monstrous tendencies, the intriguing character is loved by fans as a powerful antagonist with a complex personality.

Homelander was set up as the series’ big bad boy right from the beginning. The terrifying aura of the character and charismatic portrayal by Antony Starr keeps fans hooked for more. The character’s seeming indestructibility has made him a robust parody of DC’s Superman, but it also raised uncertainty about the fate of this un-killable villain. The comics had multiple surprises planned for Homelander, and the creators may actually include some of those surprising twists from the comics in the TV show. Keep reading to learn more, but keep in mind the article below has spoilers from the comic books.

Does Homelander Die in The Boys’ Comic Books?

Can The Boys Still Recreate THAT Major Homelander Twist From The Comics?

Black Noir was set up as a mysterious character in both the comics and TV show. The comics used him to bring a surprising but satisfying twist to The Boys’ story. Homelander was portrayed as the most powerful supe, but he wasn’t the biggest superhuman threat to America. Comics unveiled Black Noir as Homelander’s clone, tasked to kill the powerful supe if he went against Vought-America’s interests. That’s why the masked villain became the biggest superhuman threat after killing Homelander. In The Boys’ comic books, Homelander’s death was as unexpected as it was inevitable.

In “The Boys #65″, Homelander learns the truth about Black Noir’s hidden agenda. Black Noir then revealed he framed Homelander for violent crimes that he committed himself. Noir killed innocent people dressed as Homelander and released the photos to provoke him. It worked like a charm, and Homelander enacted a coup in the United States. Following the devastating massacre, Black Noir engages in a fight with him and ultimately Black Noir kill Homelander brutally moments after revealing the truth about his actions. 

Did Homelander Deserve Such a Disrespectful Death?

Can The Boys Still Recreate THAT Major Homelander Twist From The Comics?

Homelander was percieved as an un-killable terror that could never be brought down by normal means. Readers knew only a supremely evil and strong character could bring him down. Portraying Black Noir as a Homelander clone and a hidden assassin was a genius move. At the Oval Office, Homelander squares off against Noir, who brutally destroys him and ends his short-duration coup. 

Homelander saw himself as the greatest power in the world. However, the genius of Homelander’s death is that it takes away all his power. It was the only way to destroy him and the public that supported his cause. Getting murdered by Vought’s secret weapon (Black Noir) showed he had no idea what actually was going on behind the scenes, proving he wasnt as all knowing and as all powerful as he assumed he was. His death is particularly disrespectful because it happens off panel, and not in the spotlight as Homelander believed he was.

Can The Boys TV Show Recreate Homelander’s Death in the Same Way?Can The Boys Still Recreate THAT Major Homelander Twist From The Comics?

It is no secret that the Prime Video series does not strictly follow the comic book story. The show, however, still has never failed to present the true colors of Homelander. Antony Starr perfectly presents the psychopathic nature of the character. At the end of Season 3, Homelander believes he is unbeatable. Now that the character is presented in the same way as in the comics, The Boys can give Homelander a similar anti-climatic death. 

With the death of Black Noir in The Boys season 3 finale, it is not possible for Homelander’s death to play out the same way as in the comics. However, the creators can still give the character an equally uneventful death that brutally destroys his vision and narrative. With so many people feeding on his lies, an uninspiring end is the only way to defeat his problematic followers. That’s why a similar demise of Homelander is much needed in the show. It wouldn’t be surprising if Vought had a hidden backup plan for Homelander’s death on The Boys TV show. It’s safe to assume that the show’s creators will likely try to make Homelander‘s demise similar to comic book’s portrayal.

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