Billy Butcher Might Duke It Out With Homelander In Season 3 Of The Boys

Billy Butcher Might Duke It Out With Homelander In Season 3 Of The Boys

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I think Billy Butcher of the Boys has got to be the greatest role Karl Urban has ever played. If he can top that role in the future, then I would be totally astonished. Speaking of The Boys, it seems like we have had to wait forever for season three. The last season ended on a high note, especially for the Boys themselves. Sure, poor Billy Butcher lost his wife, but him and his buddies managed to expose Stormfront as a former Nazi and nearly killed her. On top of that, the vengeful Englishman managed to get the best of his hated enemy, the sadistic “superhero” Homelander, when his wife’s illegitimate son with the fake hero ultimately chose to go with Billy over his father.

With his son finally seeing his father for what he really is, along with losing his psycho girlfriend, Homelander took a serious blow to his ego and mental health. That was already deteriorating, but after the finale of season 2, I think Homelander is so far in the deep end, he will just destroy everything. And by that, I do mean everything. It’s very possible we could be looking at the final days of the Seven. When the whole world finally discovers how fake the heroes of the Seven truly are, I think all hell will be broken loose. In other words, Homelander will be on a mission to make the whole world submit to him by brutal force. Will the rest of the Seven join him? Maybe, but we know his descent into total madness is inevitable.

And when that happens, I’m sure he and Billy Butcher will once again interact. Now that sounds like a walk in the park for someone as powerful as Homelander. It seems like no one in the whole universe of The Boys can stand up to the might of Homelander. But you know what? It is very likely that will change in the upcoming season of The Boys. How, you ask? Well, in a recently released poster for season three of The Boys, we got to see a very curious look for Billy Butcher. The poster showed the facetious anti-hero of the series looking very scruffy and confident as he always is. What really stood out, however, was his glowing eyes. Okay, now that’s is surely an interesting sight.

So what is going on with Billy Butcher in that poster? A little hint, but the caption in that poster tells us that Billy and his gang are going to level the playing field. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s telling us what we’ve been wanting to hear for a while now. Billy Butcher wants nothing more than to beat Homelander to death with his own two hands. He obviously cannot do it, being a regular human and neither can the Boys. They have used all kinds of brutal methods to try and combat Homelander and the rest of the Seven, from extortion, to coercion, to blackmail. That has never really gotten them very far in the past, and now, Billy has lost his wife.

Needless to say, Billy Butcher is gunning for supe blood, especially Homelander’s. He and the Boys did deliver a heavy blow to Homelander and the scheming company known as Vought. However, as long as Vought has a whole team of corrupt superheroes on their side, the Boys will have a bigger threat than they can handle. So if the caption is implying that the Boys are going to level the playing field, then the only way they can do that is by fighting fire with fire. And by fire, I do mean superpowers. That would require Billy Butcher to break his code and become what he hates. Will Billy Butcher actually develop superpowers by taking some Compound V?

That is the only explanation to how Billy Butcher would develop any kind of superpowers. And if he’s taking some Compound V, he’ll probably pass some around to the Boys. I think this third season will have us watching a pretty epic showdown between the Seven and the new, superpowered Boys. Will they actually do it? I don’t believe that would set them down a darker path or make them hypocrites. I can’t imagine all members of the Boys would be very enthusiastic about taking Compound V. Heck, Billy Butcher wouldn’t want to take Compound V, but he’s also willing to cross some lines.

After the death of his wife and putting Homelander and Vought on the ropes, I reckon he’ll want to keep that momentum going. The challenge is forever putting an end to Homelander’s superhero facade and then actually killing him. The best way to kill a supe as powerful as Homelander is to fight him on his level. What kind of superpowers will Billy Butcher gain after taking Compound V? It would be pretty cool to see him basically turn into Superman and duke it out with the ultimate powerhouse of Homelander. But based on what we saw in the poster, it looks like he’ll develop some kind of powers that will allow him to shoot laser beams from his eyes.

How is that not cool? Well, the only real issue with that is that Homelander also has heat vision on top of being indestructible and the super strength. I think even a whole team of superpowered Boys won’t be enough to deal with the might of Homelander. That won’t stop Billy Butcher from trying to use whatever powers he gains to kill him. If it is some kind of laser beams from his eyes, then he’ll test it against Homelander’s heat vision. That will be so cool to see and I’m sure neither guy will be too bothered by collateral damage. Either way, I think we could be looking forward to an epic showdown between Billy Butcher and Homelander. Only this time, Billy will have much more of a physical chance than before.

What are your thoughts, fans of The Boys?Homelander

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